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Is anyone intresting about Diabolik Lovers RP?
"-Shrug- Is there anything you want to do chica?" Panchito asked.

"How about to play a game of true or dare, until we will fly again?" She suggested.

"Truth or Dare? You really wanna play that chica?" Panchito smoothly said.

"Truth or Dare! What's Truth or Dare?" Donald asked cluelessly.

"Truth or Dare is an old party game when everyone takes turns to either ask someone to tell you the truth about something, or dare them to do something. And no matter what it is, they'll HAVE to do it." Jose explained.

"I already don't like the sound of this game" Donald said grumpily.

"Oh come on Donald! Give it a chance! I'm sure you'll like it!" Panchito gave with a happy smile.

"In fact, since you suggested it, how about you go first chica?"

"Okay, I will ask...Doanld" She pointed to Donald who looked in a surprise gaze to her.

"Why me? Can't you ask Panchito and Jose instead?" Donald said with a nervous grin.

"Stop trying to talk your way out of this Donald! Go ahead chica. Are you gonna ask him to tell the truth or dare him to do something?" Panchito asked.

"He have to choose the truth or the dare and then I will ask him"

"Heh, I always thought it was the other way around. Well...truth or dare Donald?" Jose asked.

"TRUTH!" Donald nervously yelled wife little hesitation.

"What was the most embarrassing moment in your life until now?"

"Most embarrassing moment? Uh...can't we choose something else?" Donald blushed lightly.

"No can do Donald. You have to answer the question" Panchito smirked.

"Ngh....I guess it was when...when I tried to climb that tree after I got lost while we were camping...and you all found me hanging upside down with underwear exposed" Donald blushed in embarrassment sad Panchito and Jose began to laugh. Y\N just giggled to his cuteness. And looked to Jose who was stil laughing hardly.

"Now it's your turn senhor Carioca" She joked.

"Very....very funny meu senhora" Jose sarcastically said as his laughter began to die down.

"-Clears throat- I'll Panchito! Truth or Dare?" Jose pointed at Panchito with his hand.

"Dare!" Panchito said with a confident smile.

"I knew you'd say that. So I dare you to eat one of your jalapeños whole" Jose gave a rare sly grin.

"Ha! I can do this!" Panchito went to the kitchen, grabed a jalapeño and gulped it down.

"......" Panchito tried to keep smiling as he started to sweat and his face became red from the burning spiciness of the jalapeño. He yelled with cartoonish fire coming from his mouth as he started to fill the sink with cool water and hilariously dunks his entire head into it. Jose and Donald began laughing hysterically at the site. Y\N was trying to keep her laugh down so hard right now. After their laughter dies down and the three of them catch their breath, Panchito soon came back with an annoyed look on his face.

".....Who's next?"

"Let's see...Donald! You go!" Panchito said as he faced Donald.

"Me!? Well...I choose....Y/N!" Donald show an excited grin on his face.

"I choose truth" She said with a sure gaze.

"Uhh....than what was YOUR most embarrassing moment?" Donald said for "revenge". That and he couldn't think of anything.

"Really now Donald?" She asked in ebracment.

"What? I can't think of anything right now. Is it against the rules to ask the same question?" Donald asked, confused due to not playing the game before. Then she sigh and says...

"Well the most embarrassing moment in my life was, when I realised that all of you fell in love with me" She blushed, while looking away. The three caballeros all looked at Y/N, confused.

"Is the really the most embarrassing moment of your life?" Donald asked.

"Yes, is there any problem with that?" The three caballeros glanced at each other, wondering what else Y/N might be hiding.

"....No, I guess not" Jose answered.

"Uh...I think it's your turn Panchito" Donald pointed out as they got back to the truth or dare game.

"Oh! Right. Let's see...Jose! Truth or dare!?" As Panchito choosed Jose, Y/N was a little surprised that Panchito didn't choose her.

"Truth!" Jose answered.

"Tell us....when was the last time that you lost your temper?"

"Hmm....I think it was when I was around 10 or 12 when I threw a tantrum" Jose said with little regret.

"Dammit. I was hoping you'd say something like a few days or months ago"

"Sorry Panchito, but I'm a grown man now" Jose chuckled as he turned to Y/N.

"Your turn Y/N!"

"I will choose...Panchito! True or dare?" She trurned her gaze to Panchito.

"Hmm....well my tongue still needs to cool down, so I guess I'll have to go with truth." He answered.

"Let's see...I know!" She smirked deviously to him. Panchito got a bit nervous due to Y/N's devious grin.

"Uh...and what would the question be..chica?" Panchito lighted up and smirked back at Y/N.

"Heh, well that's easy. My greatest fear....Is losing you chica" Panchito said this in a smooth tone as he slyly grined at Y/N.

"Is that so?" She smirked back.

"Si, it most definitely is chica. Why? You don't like that answer?" Panchito continued to talk in a smooth tone as he held her hand.

"I am just wondering if you're telling the thruth about your most greatest fear, that's all" She said calmly, and took her hand away from his own. Panchito saw what's going on and surprisingly let's Y/N take her hand away, not bothering to hold it again.

"Well I swear chica. I am telling the truth. It is the point of the game after all" Meanwhile, Donald and Jose looked a bit annoyed as they watch the two of them acted like a couple.

"Ahem! Can we get back to the game you two?" Donald asked.

"Oh, Of course. So I choose...Jose"

"Right! I choose....Y/N! Truth or dare?" Jose asked with an excited smile on his face.

"Dare" She looked at him with a small smile. Jose gained a small grin as he thought of something to dare Y/N to do.

"Than...I dare you to go to Panchito's bedroom and put on one of those Mexican cowboy outfits of his" Y\N smiled and got up from her seat, before walked to the upstars, while thinking 'Thanks god' again and again as Jose could be able to ask her something worster if he wanted to.

As she went to Panchito's room and got dressed, the three caballeros secretly discussed on what other things they could ask Y/N to do or ask the truth about, and about how Y/N might looked in one of Panchito's outfits. After a while that she got ready and dressed herself up, she walked down back to the others...The boys turned to see Y/N and all smiled when they saw how she actually looked adorable in the outfit.

" actually look pretty adorable in that outfit meu senhora" Jose commented.

"Si! Do you want to get your own? It'll definitely look good on you chica" Panchito smiled lovingly.

"I don't know.... I'm not used to wearing that type of clothes"

"Come on toots! You can just wear it for the rest of the time we're here in Mexico" Donald happily suggested.

"Alright, I will do it for you Donald" She smiled to him.

"Really? You'll actually do it for me?" Donald asks with a surprised tone.

"Yeah, of course I am! I always like to see this cute smiles os yours" She said and sat back to her chair. Donald smiled brightly and lightly blushed. Panchito than cleared his throat and looked at Donald with a small glare.

"Your turn Donald!" Pancito said rather loudly.

"Oh! I pick....." Donald looked between the other caballeros and Y/N as he thought of who to pick.

"Panchito!" Donald pointed with his finger to the redhair Mexican.

"Of course it'll be me. Dare!" Panchito exclaimed with a confident grin on his face.

"I dare you"Donald nervously walked over to Y/N.

"Hey toots! You got any ideas?" He whispered quietly in her.

"I am sorry Donald, but you have to make this desition by yourself" She said, while shooking her head a little in disapproval.

"I am sorry Donald, but you have to make this decision by yourself" She said, while shaking her head a little in disapproval. Donald frowned as he tried to think of something funny.

"I know! Panchito, I dare you to crack a couple eggs open with your head and try to cook an omelet with hot sauce with them"

"Quie!? That's impossible! It is impossible right?" Panchito nervously asked.

"Have you ever tryed something like that before?" Y\N asked in couriosity.

" But does that mean it's possible?"

"Well I don't know...but I gues you can give it a try..." She smirked in fun. Panchito groaned as he headed into the kitchen and seted everything up to make and omelet with hot sauce. As he was cooking, he bashed his head against a few eggs over the frying pan. Making yoke cover his entire face as he cooked. The other caballeros watch in amusement and softy laugh as they watch Panchito actually baking it.

"I'm kinda surprised that he's actually doing it Y/N. What you think? Did you know that this would work?" Jose asked with a smile on his face.

"I guess nothing could be imposible for Panchito Pistoles after all" She said with a small grin across her face. Jose and Donald both chuckled at Y/N's comment as they watch Panchito cook. After a bit, Panchito added hot sauce and finishes up the omelette.

"Alright! I...I think I did it. Though that was the weirdest thing I had to go through. Let me wash my face before I challenge On of you"

"Wait! You still have to eat it!" Donald yelled.

"You never said that he has to eat it Donald" Panchito pointed out much to Donald's dismay.

"Oh come on!" Donald whined as Panchito chuckled and leaved to wash his face.

"Y/N....I have the feeling I already know what Panchito's challenge will be" Donald pointed at omelette.

"So let's try not to say dare for a while. okay Y/N?" Jose asked with concern.

"As you wish" She answered, as she rested her head by placing her chin against the plam of her arm. After Panchito finished cleaning up, he came back down with a huge grin on his face.

"My turn! And I chica! Truth or dare?" Panchito asked with a sly grin.

"Dare...?" She replied, while grined back.

"Hmm....than I dare you to sing that new song that you've been writing!" Panchito excitedly dated Y/N.

"I didn't have finish it yet you know..." She blushed lightly, since she was about to hide the truth.

"Oh come on! You've been at it for months! I'm sure you've finished it by now chica" Panchito said smoothly with a sly smile.

"Alright, I suppose you get me" She smiled back and started to singsing...

♫♫ Yeah, everybody's got a thing

But some don't know how to handle it

Always reaching out in vain

Just taking the things not worth having but

Don't you worry 'bout a thing

Don't you worry 'bout a thing, mama

Cause I'll be standing on the side

When you check it out, oh

They say your style of life's a drag

And that you must go other places

Just don't you feel too bad

When you get fooled by smiling faces

Don't you worry 'bout a thing

Don't you worry 'bout a thing, baby

Cause I'll be standing on the side

When you check it out

When you get it off your trip

Don't you worry 'bout a thing, yeah

Don't you worry 'bout a thing, yeah

"Come on!"

Everybody needs a change

A chance to check out the new

But you're the only one to sees

The changes you take yourself through

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Don't you worry 'bout a thing, thing

Don't you worry 'bout a thing, thing

Don't you worry 'bout a thing, thing

Don't you worry 'bout a thing, thing

Pa-pa-p, pa-pa-pa-pa

Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa (Panchitp)

Pa-pa-p, pa-pa-pa-pa (Jose)

Pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa (Donald while claping his hands with the others to the tempo)

Don't you worry 'bout a thing Don't you worry 'bout a thing, mama

Cause I'll be standing on the side

When you check it out

When you get it off your trip

Don't you worry 'bout a thing, yeah

Don't you worry 'bout a thing

Don't you worry 'bout a thing, mama

Cause I'll be standing on the side When you check it out

Oh don't you worry 'bout a thing Don't you worry 'bout a thing, mama

Cause I'll be standing, I'll be standing by you

Oh don't you worry 'bout a thing!!!♫♫

The three caballeros smile brightly as they listened and enjoyed Y/N's song. Once she's finished, they all claped their hands and applaud her.

"Amazing toots!" Donald exclaimed with a bright smile.

"You got such a nice voice chica" Panchito commented, also brightly smiling.

"That was perfect Y/N! You should become a singer" "Jose suggested, smiling just as bright as his fellow caballeros.

"Thank you for all those good words of yours guys. Now it's my turn and I'll choose Jose" Jose chuckled at this.

"Hmm....I'll go with dare this time" Jose said with a confident look.

'Alright, I dare you to hang like a bat from the light by using your umbrella"

"Uh!...Alright than...." Jose became nervous as he got his umbrella and put the hook on the ceiling light.  He than climbed on his umbrella and hanged like a bat, just as Y/N said.

"Like this?"

"You're a great acrobatic, you know that?" She smiled, while looking up to him like the others do.

"No...I didn't know that" Jose said as he hanging, then Donald chuckled and say.

"Neither did we toots!" Donald exclaimed in amusement.

"Can I get down now...cause he blood is rushing to my head...." Jose said as he started to geting dizzy.

"Alright, now you can!" Y\N said with a small smile. Jose got down carefully, but is still pretty dizzy from.

"Wow...I thought I was gonna fall and hit my head for a moment there" Jose said as he grabed gently Y/N's arm.

"I'm still a bit dizzy though. You mind helping me stay up senhora?" She then helped him to sit back to his seat.

"Hehe....seems like that dare was a little too much for Jose chica" Panchito commented.

"Yeah, but you gotta admit that it was pretty neat that he was able to do it. Right toots?" Donald asked excitedly.

"As I said before, he is an excellent acrobatic" Jose chuckled once again.

"Thanks for the compliment meu senhora" Jose said with a small smile.

"But I think it's my turn now. And I've chosen everyone senhora! So how bout it? Truth or Dare?"

"Truth" She replied as she sat back to her chair once again.

"Than tell me....Were you ever embarrassed by someone BESIDES the three cabelleros? And if you were, than who was it that embarrassed you and what did they do?" Jose asks with a sly grin.

"No, I didn't have embarrassed by someone in my life"

"Than tell me....were you ever embarrassed by someone, besides the three caballeros? And if you were, than who was it that embarrassed you and what did they do?" Jose asked with a devious smile.

"No, I didn't have embarrassed by someone in my life"

"No Y/N. I asked if someone else, besides us, embarrassed you" Jose rephrased.

"I don't think so" She gave him a serious gaze. Jose nervously chuckled as Y/N glaref at him and than turned to Donald.

"I....think it's your turn Donald" Donald nodded while smiling and turned to Panchito.

"Panchito, truth or dare?"

"I need to lay off the dares a little. So....truth!" Panchito exclaimed with a confident smile.

"Than tell us....have you ever wanted to live somewhere other than Mexico?" Donald asked.

"Of course not. Than again...there are times when I thought of living with chica here" Panchito nervously smiled at Y/N, blushing a bit.

"Uh...that doesn't bother you does it?" Panchito asked.

"No but I think that you will do because I thought to live in Duckburg and not in Mexico" She gave him a sad smile.

"But....why would you live in Duckburg?" Panchito asked, also with a sad gaze.

"I just like this place better than Mexico, It's reminds me my old house and good days in France" She explained.  Before Panchito could object, Jose interrupted them.

"Ah....France! I've been there a couple of times. It's indeed a wonderful place, isn't it?" Jose asked with a bright smile.

"Yeah, I wish to have the chance to visit my coutry once again." She said with a dreamly tone.

"I'm sure you will figure something out Y/N" Jose assured her.

"Now back to the game....your turn Panchito" Panchito came up with an idea after hearing Y/N wanting to go home and pointed to her.

"You chica. Truth or dare?"

"Truth" She raised a bow to him.

"Than tell there a way you can get flight tickets back home to France?" Panchito strangely asked this with a sly grin

"Not yet, why are you asking this?" She asked in couriosity.

" reason" Panchito answered smoothly.

"Anyway, it's your turn chica"

"Okay, hmm....Donald truth or dare?"

"Hmm....dare!" Donald said with total confidence in himself.

"I dare you to walk all the way to the kitchen and back there by using your hands"

"What!?" Donald asked in surprise.

"You gotta do it Donald" Jose pointed out, then Donald sighed.

"Fine" Donald reluctantly tried to do a hand stand and humorously walked to the kitchen with his hands like Y/N said. But just as Donald was about to enter the kitchen, he losed his balance and fell flat on the floor.

"Oowww~I think I might've broke my back" Donald was obviously overreacting, but it didn't look like he needed help getting back up. As Jose helped Donald up, Donald turned towards Y/N

" I have to keep doing that till I get it right?" Donald asked. She looked at Jose and Panchito for a second and then Back to Donald as she nodded as a 'yes'. Donald's eyes shrinked and twitched in disbelief.

"O-Okay, but just for you toots. Okay?"

"Okay Donald" She laughed lightly at this

Donald nervously went back to a handstand and began walking towards the kitchen on his hands again. This time, he did it slowly so that he doesn't fall. Donald did stumble once in a while with his feel swinging all over the place, but in the end, he was able to surprisingly get in the falling forward into it.

".....Does this count?" He yelled from the kitchen.

"What are you saying guys?" She asked, as she turned her gaze to Panchito and Jose. Jose and a Panchito thought it over, and nodded their heads yes.

"It's gonna take forever for Donald to get this without falling. So just let this count Y/N" Jose answered with a bright smile.

"Does...does this mean I can stop now?" Donald asked before attempting another hand stand.

"Yes, you can stop now" She laughed a little bit.

Donald sighed in relief and crawled along the floor until finally getting up and humorously face planting the sofa. As he heard Panchito laughing a little.

"What are you doing Donald?" Jose asked as Panchito laughed.

"Westing..."Donald said in a muffled voice.

"I think Donald just quit the game Y/N. So I don't think you can choose him when it's your turn again. Understand senhora?" Jose explained.

"Yes I understand, we can let him rest for a while"

"Than let's get back to the game!" Jose said excitedly.

"Hmm...I choose...., Y/N! Truth or dare?"

"Dare" She gave him a sure gaze.

"Than I dare you to try and break dance with me" Jose said this with an excited smile.

"Of course I dare to. You was the one who teached me how to dance after all" She smiled back.

"Than what are you waiting for? Lets do it Y/N" Jose exclaimed as he put on his favorite song and began to dance around with Y/N, much to a Panchito's chagrin. (

"Come on Jose Carioca, I know you can to better than that!" She smiled, as they were dancing , making dance moves together.

"Don't get too cocky Y/N! There's more where that can't from!" Jose continued to dance alongside Y/N, having major fun as they do.

"Come on Y/N! Pick up the pace! The song is already half way through, and I'd like to see some major moves!"

Jose and Y/N continued dancing fast too the music. Doing various moves such as rolls, head spins, and flash stepping in all directions. At least until the music finally finished.

"Phew! I didn't think that I would dance that much in my whole life" Jose said with a tired smile towards her. Y\N laughed at this as she won a tenderly gaze from Jose before she sat to her chair. Jose sat back as well, still gazing at Y/N and not noticing Panchito glaring at him.

"....Is it my turn now?" Panchito asked with a rough voice.

"Hm? Oh yeah! It's your turn Panchito" Jose answered.

"Than I'll choose you Jose. Truth or dare?" Panchito asked as he pointed at him.

"Well I'm still worn out from that I'll pick truth"

"Than tell us....what were you thinking as you danced with Y/N?"

"Well...isn't that obvious? I was just thinking about how much fun I was having with her, and how much MORE fun we can have in the future. Uh....can do this again some other time senhora?" Jose asked Y/N with a happy smile.

"Yes, I loved to" She whipped the small drops of weat from her forhead.

"Well....there you have it!" Jose telled Panchito with a small smile as Panchito sighed.

"Alright...your turn chica" Panchito calmly said to Y/N.

"I choose you, What are you want truth or dare?" She pointed to Panchito.

"Hmm....dare!" Panchito said with a confident look in his eyes.

"I dare you to make all the way around the house, while pick me up in your arms" She gave him a smirk.

"That's all? Ha! This'll be easy!" Panchito boasted as he picked Y/N up into his arms, carrying her like a princess.

"You ready to go chica?" Panchito grined before excitedly yelling.

"Than hold on tight!" And starting to run around the house with Y/N in his arms. Y\N smiled happily and laughed in fun as the red head Mexican started to running all over the house with her in his arms. She always was enjoying that type of walks with him and the other two boys too of course, but most with Panchito.

As Panchito continued running around with Y/N, he looked down at her with a gentle smile.

"I take it that you're having fun chica?"She just smirked as an answer and gave him a kiss to the cheek. Panchito chuckled and slightly blushed as Y/N did this. After a bit longer of running around, Panchito stoped due to becoming out of breath.

"Alright chica! I...I think that's enough...for now" Panchito said this in a smooth voice and winked at Y/N as he put her down.

"Tch, you must've really enjoyed that Y/N. Cause you looked just like a cute, playful little girl" Jose commented with an amused look.

"Why thank you Jose" She gave him a cute smile.

"And you still are acting like one" Panchito commented as Y/N smiled.

"So is that all for this dare chica? Cause if so...than I think it's Jose's turn now"

"No, It wasn't. And Jose please make your choice"

"Right. Let's about you Y/N? Truth or Dare?" Jose asked with a small grin.

"Truth" She replied quickly.

"Than tell us....are you doing these dates cause you're a fanatic at gymnastics?" Jose asked with a curious look.

"Not exactly...I was just pretty exited to see if you could ever be able to do such things" She explaned.

"I see now" Jose replied with a small smile.

"Speaking of things we can try....can we try to get something to eat chica? All those dares are making me hungry" Panchito asked Y/N as Jose rolled his eyes, amused.

"I was ready to ask you the same thing you know" She laughed a little.

"Than I guess it's settled. Let's get some lunch!" Panchito exclaimed.

"Alright, you wanna go out to eat? Or see if there's anything in the kitchen?" Jose asked.

"I'll leave that up to you chica. Which would you like?"

"Let's try and make something all together..or Donald is too much lazzy even to give a try' She smirked to him.

"Hey! I can make something for us!" Donald angrily yellsed.

"You sure bout that Donald?" Panchito asked with an amused smile.

"Of course I can! Anything! Just name what you want toots and I'll make It!" Donald yelled with a frustrated yet determined look in his eyes.

"What are you saying guys, what should we ask Donald to make for us?"

"I'm not sure chica. They're are so many choices" Panchito answered.

"Hey toots! What about your favorite dish? What is it?" Donald asked Y/N.

"Let's make something that all of us would like to eat" She suggested.

"I'm with Y/N guys!" Jose exclaimed as he took Y/N's side.

"Alright than. Let's do that!" Panchito joined in with Donald just nodding in agreement. The three caballeros and Y/N began talking to each other about a dish that they all would enjoy. After a full 10 minutes, the four of them still couldn't reach an agreement, so Jose came up with a suggestion.

"Hey! Since we can't decide on a single dish, how about we make more than just one? Like a mini buffet"

"That sounds like a good idea! That way we can all get what we want!" Panchito pointed out with a bright smile.

"I'm in!" Donald yelled in agreement.

"What about you meu senhora? Wanna help us make a little buffet that we'll all definitely enjoy?" Jose asked Y/N with a smile. Y\N then nodded as she smiled back to him. The three boys and Y/N began talking over what they should make. They all soon decide to make baked ziti, Salad, and tacos. The four of them than head straight to the kitchen and started to setting everything up.

"You ready to watch cook toots!?" Donald asked with a small grin as they seted things up.

"To whatch? You mean to cook too" She crossed her hands together.

"Uh...yeah. That's what I meant!" Donald replied nervously.

"Enough with the talking, and let's get baking mi amigos" Panchito exclaimed as he began in topics for the tacos. Jose started making the salad and Donald the ziti.

"I will help Donald with the ziti dish" She said with a smiled and walked over the blond hair American to help him with the preparetions. The four of them all continued to work together on their respective dishes, making sure that it's perfect before serving them on 4 separate plates. Once everything's finished, they all stoped, and sat down at the dining table together.

"Ready to eat everyone!" Panchitp asksed with Donald and Jose nodding yes.

"What about you chica?"

"Yeah, I am ready to eat the delicious food that we all made, especialy Donald. Without him, I don't think that we could magged to make all this"

"Hehe...thanks toots! I did this all for you" Donald said with an embarrassed look.

"Hey! I helped bake this buffet too chica!" Panchito pointed out in frustration.

"Thank you Donald!" She smiled and gave him a tight hug as to thank him.

Donald is surprised by this, but hugged Y/N back nonetheless with a warm smile. Meanwhile, Panchito became frustrated that he didn't get any appreciation and Jose stayed calm and just watched the site.

"Come on you two. Enough with the hugging and let's start eating" Jose calmly said.

"Oh come on! Can't it wait a little bit?" Donald pleasingly asked as he held onto Y/N.

'Let's eat!" Y\N broked the hug and started to eat the delicious food.

Donald looked disappointed, but decided to start eating alongside Y/N anyway. Panchito and Jose also began eating. All 4 of them are enjoying the food immensely.

"What do you think of the food chica?" Panchito asked as he tried to start up a conversation.

"It's delicious, especialy Donald's one" She smiled to him. Donald nervously chuckled.

"Thanks Y/N, but don't forget how you helped me with it" Donald said casually with a nervous smile.

"well...what do you think about the tacos chica?" Panchito asked as he tried to keep his cool.

"The tacos are good as always" Panchito begans to give off a real smile as he heard Y/N compliment the food.

"I'm glad you like them chica"

"Yeah. Everything's good. So let's not let it get to waste my amigos" Jose said as he continuef to eat his share. Everyone agreed with him and went back to eating their share of the buffet. Enjoying every single bite. It took some time, but the 4 of them finished their dineshes, or in Y/N's case, too full to finish.

"That was good! Hm? What's wrong chica? Aren't you gonna finish your food?" Panchito asked.

"I don't think that I could eat more than this" She said with a small smie.

"Why that's okay Y/N. How about we save the leftovers for some other time?" Jose suggested.

"I really would apreseate it, thank you" She said with a sweet smile.

"Than it's settled!" Jose exclaimed before putting Y/N's leftovers in some Tupperware, and into the fridge.

"Alright! What shall we do now? Can we go shopping now?" Donald asked.

"Shopping for what?" Panchito asked in response.

"For that Mexican cowgirl outfit for toots! She said that she would get one for me. Right toots?" Donald asked Y/N with a bright smile.

"Um...well..I..." She blushed lightly.

"What's wrong toots? Don't you wanna go get it like promised?" Donald asked.

"The problem is that...I didn't brought money with me"

"Don't worry about that chica! I can buy it for you!" Panchito exclaimed as he pulled out his wallet, and a jar of quarters from underneath the table.

"See toots! You can still get it!" Donald yelled excitedly

"So shall we go find an outfit for you now?"

"Well. I guess we could..."

"Yes! Let's get going toots!" Donald excitedly jumped out of his chair and held Y/N's hand. He's about to pull her when Panchito flicked him on the back of the head.

"OW! What was that for!?"

"Calm down mi amigo. Cause we're all going, not just you and chica" Panchito explained in a rather serious tone.

"He's right Donald" Jose said, agreeing with Panchito.

"Fine" Donald goaned as he calmed down a bit, but still held onto Y/N's hand.

"Can I at least hold your hand toots?"

"Of course you can Donald" She laughed lightly.

Donald begans to smile brightly again and held Y/N's hand as the four of them leaved the house. Panchito leaded the way to the clothes shop where he got his cowboy outfit. Once there, they all head into the girls section of the store and Panchito show Y/N a variety of cowgirl outfits to choose from.

"Choose whichever one you like the most chica" Panchito said with a lovingly smile.

"I like this one" Y\N pointed to one of the cowgirl outfits to the shop window display. (…)

"That looks nice meu senhora" Jose commented.

"Yeah! Let's go in and get it for ya toots!" Donald exclaimed as he agreed with Jose. The three of them head straight inside and asked an employee about the outfit at the window display. The employed than pointed in the direction of where it was. They thanked the person and head straight over to where the outfit were. Y\N couldn't help herself but smile in happiness.

"You really like the dress. Don't you chica?" Panchito asked Y/N.

"I love it!" She cried out happily. The three caballeros all smiled and chuckled as Y/N became all excited over the outfit.

"See? I knew you'd like to have one toots!" Donald respondedhappily, glad that Y/N wasn't disappointed or anything.

"Does this mean you're going to put it on once we get back to my house chica?" Panchito asked with a little chuckle.

"Yeah, that's the why we are going to buy it after all"

"Than let's go and pay for it chica!" Panchito yelled excitedly as the four of them headed towards the cashier. Once there, Panchito payed for Y/N's dress as the cashier packs it into a shopping bag. Jose grabed the receipt as Y/N the bag, and Panchito leaded the way out of the store and straighted back to his house.

"What should we do now meu amigos?" Jose calmly asked.

"Let's go back to your house. It's started to getting dark" She pointed up to the sky.

"If that's what you want chica" Panchito said smoothly as they continued walking back to his house. Once they got back to the house, Panchito unlocked the door and leaded everyone inside to get settled. Panchito locked the door and turned to Y/N.

"So what shall we do now chica? Watch a movie? Watch a show? Or maybe play around before bed?" Panchito suggested.

"What do you mean when you say 'play around before bed'?" She asked in curiosity.

"Well you said it yourself that it was getting dark. So maybe we can play a few more sleepover games before heading off to sleep" Panchito explained.

"Sleepover games? Like what?" She asked once again.

"Well...what haven't we played yet?" Panchito asked Y/N and the other caballeros.

"I'm not sure..." Donald replied.

"Hmm....the only thing I can think of is pillow fighting. Shall we do that?" Jose suggested with his usual sauve smile.

"Pillow fight you say?" She raised a bow, surprised that she just listened this suggestion from Jose.

"Why of course. Have you ever played it before?" Jose asked with a small smile.

"Yeah, when I was younger. I was used to play this game with my parents" She explaned calmly.

"Than how about you play with us tonight chica?" Panchito then grabed a few couch pillows.

"I think we should use softer pillows from your bedroom" She suggested with a smile.

"Why can't we..." Panchito felt the sofa pillows and realizes how rough it were.

"Oh...good idea chica. Let's go get some pillows from my room!" Panchito said with an excited smile on his face. And with that, the 4 of them head straight to Panchito's bedroom and began to gather up much softer pillows for them to use. Once they have enough, Jose turned to Y/N and his friends.

"I think we got enough pillows to play with everyone!"

"Alright! Are you ready for an awesome pillow fight chica!?" Panchito excitedly asked Y/N.

"Wait Panchito! Maybe it's best if we begin setting up our beds for when we go to bed first" Jose suggested.

"Can't that wait till after we finish?" Panchito asked.

"I don't think so. I mean, we're probably gonna be too tired to set anything up after a pillow fight" Jose explained.

"I'm with Jose" Donald said as Panchito sighed deeply.

"Fine. Let's set up the beds first" Panchito says in a disappointed tone as they began setting up inflatable beds for Jose, Donald, and Y/N next to Panchito's own as always. As they set up the beds, Panchito tried to think of something that he can do in order for them to start the pillow fight right away. Panchito soon gained a mischievous grin as they set up the last inflatable bed with Y/N. When Donald turned away from him and the others to get Y/N some blankets, Panchito imitates Jose's voice and begans to tease Donald a bit.

"Donald is always clumsy at these kinds of things. I bet the cowards will lose the pillow fight and stop playing in just 10 seconds" When Donald heard this, he turned to Jose with an angry look on his face.

"Hey! I'm not a coward Jose! I bet you'll be the one to stop playing in just 5 seconds!"

"Huh? What are you talking about Donald?" Jose asked confused.

"Don't play dumb with me!!!" Donald yelled angrily as he grabed a few pillows and threw them at Jose, but Jose dodged them and the pillows hit Y/N instead.

"Ah! So do you wanna play like this Donald?" Y\N asked almost like a whisper and trew a pillow to Donald face.

"Hey! I didn't mean to hit you toots! I meant to-" Before Donald could finish, Panchito threw a pillow at Donald's face as well, making him stumble and fall back.

"Less talking and more fighting Donald!" Panchito said excitedly as he grabed another pillow and threw at Jose. Who catches it, and threw it at Y/N. Y\N rolled her eyes and quickly find an other pillow and threw to Jose's stomac. It hit Jose this time and he laughed as both him and Panchito picked up another one and threw it at Donald before he could get back up. Burying him in a pile of pillows. Donald groaned and began throwing pillows all over the place, missing the caballeros every time, but hits Y/N softly on the shoulder.

"Oh come on!" Donald yelled angrily due to only hitting Y/N again. Y\N magged to take two pillows and threw them all over his face, making him fall back to the floor on his buttom. Donald groaned and tried to get back onto his feet only for Panchito to playfully knock him down again, except this time, he landed on his inflatable bed.

"Grr..." Not wanting to get hit anymore, Donlad stayed down on his bed and tried to go to sleep, cursing under his breath as he did.

"Hehe, looks like Donald's out. Now let's see what your made of chica!" Panchito exclaimed as he threw a pillow at her.

"Don't forget about me!" Jose remind them as he threw a pillow at Panchito's stomach, making him stumble a bit. Then Y\N threw an other pillow to Jose's head.

Jose stumbled backwards and nearly fell over, but luckily was able to stay on his feet. He quickly took the pillow that Y/N hit him with, and blocked the pillow that Panchito threw at him. Jose than ran behind Panchito and threw the pillow at his back before he could turn around. This made Panchito stumbled towards Y/N, fall forward onto her, and accidentally kiss Y/N. much to Jose's dismay. Y\N's eyes wided as Panchito exploited the event and wrapped his arms around her waist, while kissing her lovingly yet with so much passion. Jose on the other hand began to freak out. He took a few deep breaths to tryed and stay calm before pulling Panchito off of Y/N.

"I-I'm sorry for doing that Panchito. You too Y/N. How about we forget that ever happened, and go straight to sleep! Okay?"

"Quie? No! Why can't we at least continue with the pillow fight?" Panchito whined.

"Because I might accidentally make you go on top of Y/N again. And we don't want that! Right Y/N?" Jose asked nervously.

"I guess, I got pretty tired with the pillow fight and we should need a nice sleep. I don't know about you Panchito but I will go to my bed now" She said as she lied down to her bed right next to Panchito's own, still blushing and feeling her cheeks bruning up remebering the kiss from Panchito. Panchito disappointedly watched Y/N as she layed down in her bed and gives a long sigh.

"Fine. Let's get some sleep"

Jose gave a relieved sigh as he turned off the lights and layed down in his own bed. While Panchito layed down in his bed, he began quietly wishing that he could kiss Y/N again soon or at least have a dream doing so. Despite trying to stay awake, three of them Panchito, Donald and Jose soon fall fast asleep. After some hour Y\N fall asleep as well
Human three caballeros x reader (Part 18)
Title: The three caballeros and Y\N raid again (Part 2)
Fandom: Three Caballeros.
Characters: (Y\N)/Panchito Pistoles/Jose Carioca/Doanld Duck.
Disclaimer: The Three Caballeros is copyright Disney and I only use them for my enjoyment and not for profit.
The Preview image is not mine.
Part 18: You are here.
Part 17:…
Read and enjoy
Very early a sunny morning, Y/N heard someone knocking loudly on the front door of her house. She woke up from the loud sound and quickly dressed up in her clothes for the day and ran to the down stairs to open the door.

"Hello! And congratulations!" The mailman uncontrollably shaked Y/N's hand with a huge smile.

"Excuse me...who are you?" She asked in full confusion,as a few drops of sweat ran from her face.

"Why I'm here to deliver this amazing present for your birthday ms." The Mailman gives her the rather large gift and leaves immediately without saying another word. Y\N who was still confused, since her birthday wasn't today, she took the large white oblong box into the house before close the door behind her. As she opened it, a large red serape unfurled across the floor.

"What the heck!?" She yelled in surprise, as she took the red serape with  artful beautiful shapes on it to her hand. Suddenly Donald appeared out of nowhere with a big grin on his face.

"Hey toots! You want to go somewhere with me?" Donald said excitedly.

"Wha-Where in the earth did you come from Donald?"

"The serape summoned me after you opened it toots." Donald said with a small grin.

"I don't get it, how can this be possible?" She said and slapped her forehead a little.

"This is a magical Serape Y/N. It can summon whoever you want and fly wherever you want to go" Donald explained.

"But why this serape apeared you and not someone else? And why this unkonow man gave it to me?"

"Cause I'm the one who sent it to you toots. And I just tricked that delivery guy into thinking it was a birthday gift so that he can deliver it for free" Donald said with a nervous smile.

"Oh Donald, you and your tricks!" She laughed and she hit his back slightly. Donald nervously laughed along with Y/N before talking again.

"So is there anywhere you want to go with me toots? This serape can take us anywhere you want"

"How did you find this thing anyway?"

" uncle Scrooge gave it to me. I didn't believe him at first about it being magic. At least not till he showed me that it could fly" Donald explained, while rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"I see, but I think that you have already desited the place qw qill go. If you didn't, you wouldn't send me this magical serape alond with yourself. I am I right?" She crossed her hands, looking at him with one of this serious gaze of hers.

"Uh...actually, I only sent myself here so that it's just the two of us. I didn't exactly think of where we should go"

"In that case, let's Mexico! Panchito will be very happy to see us after three whole months anyway" She suggested.

"What!? Can't we go somewhere by ourselves!?" Donald yelled angrily.

"Come on Donald, please do it...for me" She purred, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. Donald blushed as he nervously smiled at Y/N. captivated by her cuteness, Donald gave in and nodded. Meaning that they'll go to Mexico just for her. The two of them get on top of the magical serape, and Donald began to fly it straight out of Y/N's home towards Mexico.

"You're not afraid of heights are ya toots?"

"Um well I..." She tried to say no. But once she looked down, she yelled a little and hugged Donald tightly, burying her face behind his back in fear.

"Uh!....Just hold on to me until we get there. Alright toots?" Donald said as he was enjoying this.

"Alright...!" She said and nodded her head in answer. Donald grined as Y/N held onto him and they flyed alone together to Mexico. As they headed there, they soon started to see large mountains and desert canyons.

"B-Beautiful place...huh?" She looked  reluctantly downward, still trembling a little.

"Well...yeah. I guess this is a nice change of scenery. In fact, maybe we could fly lower now since there aren't any trees. Should we do that?" Donald asked.

"Yeah sure, as much more below both more better" She smiled in hope. Donald nodded and began to fly the serape a bit closer to the ground.

"How's that toots?" Donald asked with a small smile.

"Much better" She sighed in relief and unwrapped her arms from him, sitting right next to him.

"That's good toots, but why'd you let go of me. Doesn't it feel safer when you're close to me like that." Donald said, obviously liking how her arms wrapped around him.

"Yes, but now we're close to the groung, so I am nof scared of the heights...for now" She smiled to him. Donald groans and starts to slowly rise farther from the ground so that Y/N would get close to him again.

"Hey, don't go more high!" She yelled and hugged him tightly in fear once more.

"Sorry toots, but....we gotta go over the canyon, not through it." Donald makes up this excuse with a sly grin as he enjoys Y/N holding onto him.

"If you say so" She rolled her eyes to him, while keeping a tight hold on him.

"Don't worry toots! I'll keep you safe." Donald said this not realizing that Y/N knows he was lying. Unfortunately for Donald, the two of them soon arrived at Panchito's hometown. Y/N easily spoted both Panchito and Jose by the train tracks.

"Jose, Panchito!" She yelled, while waving her hand, wanting to catch their attention. Hearing Y/N's voice, Panchito and Jose looked up and called out to her. Donald reluctantly landed the serape right next to them.


"Meu semhora!"

"What are you doing here!?" They both excitedly yelled.

"We came to visit Panchito, but I am glad that you're here as well Jose" She smiled to him.

"You came to visit me chica?" Panchito says with an excited smile. "What's that you're riding on with Donald Y/N?" Jose asks.

"It's a magical serape that Donald's uncle gave to him" She explaned.

"A magical serape?" Jose asked with an interested look.

"I don't think he's that magical if all it can do is fly chica" Panchito pointed out as if he knows everything.

"Hey! It doesn't just fly! It can grant wishes too!" Donald said with pride.

"Wishes? What'd you wish for chica?" Panchito asked with curiosity.

"Um I didn't know that it could be able to grant wishes"

"What? I told you it could grant wishes before we even left toots." Donald points out with a frustrated look. "Were you even listening to me?"

"when you're chattering!" She yelled back. Donald gave a loud groan and glared at Y/N.

"Oh come on Donald. She was probably just too excited to hang out with us to even hear you" Panchito boasted in a rather sassy tone.

"Why you little!" Donald yelled as he started chasing Panchito all over the place.

"Hehe...Maybe you shouldn't have said that out loud Y/N" Jose said with a humored grin.

"I was just telling him the truth, that's all" She yelled in an annoyed tone.

"Whoa...relax Y/N. Did you come all the way here to hang out with us? Or yell at us?" Jose jokingly said. Then Y\N sighed deeply, as she knew thwt Jose was absolutly ight about that.

"I suppose that you're right. I am sorry Jose" She looked at him with a apologize yet sad look on her face. Jose got onto the flying serape and sat down next to Y/N.

"Don't worry Y/N. I'm sure you didn't mean to" Jose wrapped his arm around Y/N and sweetly smiled as he tried to comfort her. She smiled back, and blushed lightly to his tuch and look. THen turned her gaze to Donald who was still running after Panchito with a killer look on his face.

"Hey, Donald, leave him alone!" She yelled to him.

"Why should I!?" Donald yelled back as Panchito turned his eyes towards Y/N and gasped due to Jose holding her. Panchito ran straight towards Y/N, jumped onto the serape and tightly hugged her while pushing Jose off of Y/N. Then she fell back to the serape with him right above her, still hugging her tighty yet lovingly.

"Hola chica! Did you miss me? Is that why you came to visit me chica?" Panchito exclaimed with an excited tone as he continued to tightly hug Y/N.

"Firstly yes, Donald and I came to visit you and secondly get off of me!" She tried to push him away so she will be able to get up. But sadly she couldn't do so because she wasn't strong enough.

"It's gonna take more than that to get me away from you chica" Panchito boasted with a sly grin.

"Than allow us to help you toots!" Donald said as both him and Jose pulled Panchito off of Y/N and the serape. Panchito groaned as he landed hard on the floor.

"What you do that for mi amigos?" He asked, while rubbing the back of his butt in pain.

"Are you really gonna ask that Panchito?" Jose said with an unamused look.

"You okay toots?" Donald asked her.

"I am fine" She jumped off of the serape and landed on her feet to the ground. Donald and Jose both gave off a relieved sigh and then angrily glared at Panchito. Panchito got back up and tried to ignore them as he approached Y/N again.

"As you visit chica, would you like a sombrero and look like a true Mexicano?" Instead of waiting for an answer, Panchito pulled out a giant sombrero and placed it over Y/N, but it's so big that she can't even see now.  Y\N now was moving her hands right and left, as she wasn't able to see in front of her.

"Is there something wrong chica? For now you look like a natural Mexicano. No?" Panchito said without considering that she can't see.

"She can't see a thing Panchito! It's too big!" Donald angrily yelled at him.

"Than what about this?" Panchito took the big sombrero off of Y/N and put a really tiny one on her instead.

"That's too small. I look like a little kid in a birthday party!" She looked up to the really small sombrero on her head.

"While why didn't you say so?" Panchito asked in a rather positive like voice as he put a normal sized sombrero on her head.

"That better?"

"Yeah that's much better, thank you Panchito" She cried out happily and gave him a tight hug.

"Hehe...Anything for you chica!" Donald and Jose rolled their eyes as Panchito returned the hug to Y/N, not bothered by how tight she was holding him.

"Would you now like to explore the town with me chica?" Panchito suggested with a huge grin.

"What are you saying Donald, Jose. Would you like to explore the place?" She suggested too, as she turned her gaze to them.

"Of course we'll come along" Jose nodded as he accepted the offer.

"Yeah! I'm not about to let you be all alone with Panchito toots!" Donald said this with determination to keep Y/N safe. Y/N and the three caballeros got back on the mag serape and started to fly all around the city. Panchito would point out famous landmarks and show her the beautiful birds in the sky.

"You enjoying this chica?" Panchito asked with a normal grin.

"Yes..." She couldn't look down, since she was frighting of the heights. All the boys noticed that she wasn't looking down at the landmarks and only up and ahead at the birds, but only Donald knew why.

"Hey toots! Do you need someone to help you stay safe?" Donald asked he wrapped his arm around her.

"Now what are you doing Donald?" Jose asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing!?" Donald frustratingly yelled back.

"Taking chica from me by the looks of things" Panchito wrapped his arm around Y/N's waist as he pushed Donald's hand away from her. Then Y\N placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth of his arms. Donald groaned as he angrily glared at Panchito. Jose than placed his hand on Donald's shoulder and convinced him to calm down. Which pretty much took a while. On the other hand, Panchito only had a little time to enjoy this moment as Y/N soon hears Panchito's stomach growl. Panchito began to blush in embarrassment and let go of Y/N as he landed the serape by a small diner.

"I didn't have breakfast at all mi amigos. How about we go get something to eat?" Panchito said with a small grin.

"Sure! I missed breakfast too." Jose agreed, accepting the offer.

"Same with me. What about you toots?" Donald asked, still a little annoyed.

"Yeah, I am hungry as well" She smiled happily.

"Then follow me and I'll treat you to some true Mexican food!" Panchito said with a bright smile. Panchito lowered the serape a bit closer to the ground and than jumped off. He than turned and lended his hand out to Y/N so he could help her down.

"Let's go chica" Y\N pleased took his hand and once she placed in her feet, the other two boys enjoyed her, by following Panchito to the way near to the small restaurant. Once there, Panchito and Y/N were the first to head inside with Donald and Jose following them. The three caballeros than agreed to share payment for the food as they asked for seats. A waiter guided the 4 of them to a 4 person table and gave them a few adult breakfast menus filled with all kinds of breakfast dishes.

"What would you like chica?" Panchito asked.

"I want an omelette with cheese and bacon"

"Mighty fine choice chica. And would you like me to order you a drink with that?" Panchito asked smoothly.

"No I can do it by myself, thank you" She replied back. Donald and Jose glared at Panchito after thinking up their orders. Panchito tried to ignore them though as he flirted with Y/N. He stoped once the waiter came to take their orders.

"Have you decided on what to eat yet?" The waiter asked. Donald, Jose, and Panchito told the waiter their orders before he than turned towards Y/N. She told her order as well, before the waiter started to making his way away from them.

"So chica...What would you like to do after we eat?"

"We will talk about that once we get our food, okay?"

"If you say so chica" Panchito answered with a sly grin. Donald rolled his eyes and angrily glares at Panchito.

"Panchito, can't you stay away from her for even a little while?"

"I'll only leave her side if she wants to Donald. Besides that, I'll always be here for when she needs me. Isn't that right chica?" Panchito wrapped his arms around Y/N as he boasted about his relationship with her.

"About that.. I really will appreciate it if we could spend our time, all together" She said calmly.

"Really chica?" Panchito said, disappointed, as Donald and Jose brightly smile and high five each other.

"Yes really, and I suggest you do not be so selfish and look what the other persons want too"

"I wasn't acting selfish chica. I just want to spend some alone time with you for a while" Panchito whined in a pleading voice.

"Stop that Panchito. Y/N's made up her mind and we all know you can't change it" Jose bravely said, much to Panchito's dismay.

"Well is there anytime you'd like to hang out by ourselves chica? Like maybe tomorrow or some time this weekend?" Panchito suggested.

"I don't know, we maybe will think about something later, now we're all together" She said, while started to losing her patience. Luckily, before Panchito could say anything else, the waiter came back with their meals. He served them their food and drinks before leaving and said. "Enjoy your meal!"

" about we just sit back and eat now?" Jose kindly suggested.

"I agree with Jose" Y\N then started to eat her omellete with joy. "I agree with Jose" Y\N then started to eat her omellete with joy. Jose and Donald grined as they also began to happily eat, while Panchitoi becamesa little frustrated and eats slowly, very much annoyed at the moment. He still tried to think of something to say despite all this though.

"......So chica, how do you like the food? Delicious, right?" She just nodded and continuned to eat her food. While watching Jose eating in a very polite way and as about Donald who was eating as well but very hungrily, making some noisies of pleasuring the reather delicious taste of his own food too. Panchito groaned and rolled his eyes. Deciding to just eat and get it over with, he began to eat fast and sloppy. Y\N noticed that and quickly gave him some paper towels to wipe his mouth and cheeks that were not in red sauce. Panchito groaned and rolled his eyes. Deciding to just eat and get it over with, he began to eat fast and sloppy. Y\N noticed that and quickly gave him some paper towels to wipe his mouth and cheeks that were not in red sauce. Panchito took the paper towels and wiped all the food from his face. He thanked Y/N and got back to eating, but more calmly so he didn't get food all over the place.

It took a while, but everyone soon finished eating their food. When the waiter csme back, the three caballeros divide up the payment for the bill along with Jose giving the waiter a small tip.

"Alright. You ready to go now chica?" Pachinto smoothly asked her.

"Yes, let's go!" She started to walking along with the three boys out of the restaurant. As they leave, Panchito slyly smirked once again and wrapped his arm around Y/N's waits, much to Donald and Jose's dismay as they glared at him.

"What would you like to do now chica?"

"What about if you go and bring me a gift that it will reminds me the Mexico and you the moments that I will be to my home again?" She suggested with a sweet smile.

"A gift!? Why of course chica! And I think I know just the thing!" Panchito exclaimed with a bright smile before running off to the nearest store.

"....You just said that to get him off of you, didn't you?" Jose said with a small grin.

"My what a clever man you are" She laughed lightly.

"Well Panchito really is gullible when it comes to you Y/N. Stuff like that won't really work on us though" Jose pointed out with Donald nodding in agreement.

"Where do you actually want to go than toots? Do you wanna just look around town a bit more?"

"Yeah, let's go since Panchito won't be here for a while" Donald and Jose smiled at each other before nodding in agreement with Y/N and began exploring the rest if the town with her. It was not long before they reached the southern edge of town where they saw a set of train tracks blocking their path.

"Do you see any trains coming toots?" Donald asked.

"Oh I can see it, here it comes!" While looking, Jose fell down right on the train tracks.

"Jose! Get up! Quick!!!" Donald yelled. Jose got up, but instead of moving aside, he standed in front of the train with his hand out.

"STOP!" Miraculously, the train stoped right in front of him. The conductor sticked his head out of the window and yelled at him.

"Get off the tracks you imbeciles!" As the conductor yelled at Jose, Donald got an idea and whispered to Y/N.

"Hey toots. I got an idea. Do you want to hitch a ride on this train to the next town? I'm sure We can find something to do there"

"That's an awsome idea!" She yelled happily.

"Hm? What's an awesome idea?" Jose asked curiously as he and the conductor turned towards Y/N.

"We were wondering if we can catch a ride on this train to the next town" Donald explained.

"You want a ride? Well it ain't gonna be free. Pay up and I'll give ya one" The conductor sa[d as he held out his hand. Donald and Jose searched through their pockets, but both gasped when they realized that Panchito has all of their money.

"Uh....Do you have any money toots?" Donald whispered.

"Sadly not, what are we gonna do now?" She looked at them with a sad gaze.

"Nothing! You imposters! I go!" The conductor yelled.

"Wait! You wouldn't leave a young lady such as Y/N out in the middle of nowhere now will you?" Jose pointed out as he shows him Y/N.

"Ha! Sure I could! Goodbye!" The conductor yelled back as he starts the train and rides off.

"How unfortunate! The umbrella handle is caught on the caboose!" Jose sarcastically said as he pulled Y/N and Donald along with him.

"Good trick! If we make it!" Donald yelled. "Hey toots! You go first! Try to get on the train and pull us up!"

"Alright!" She yelled back, as she jumped on the floor of the last wagon of the train. She catch Jose's umbrella tightly and then she pulled the others in the train along with her.

"Thanks toots!" Donald sighed in relef.

"Muito obrigado meu senhora" Jose and Donald both thanked Y/N for safely helping them on the train when the conductor spoted them. As the train crossed a bridge over a canyon, the conductor kicked Donald off. As Donald falled down to the canyon floor, Jose and Y/N ran past the conductor and towards the engine room as fast as they could. When they did, Donald landed at the top of the engine steam pipe and repeatedly yelled....

"I hate this! I hate this! I hate this!!!" As the train gave off another toot and almost burned Donald with a large cloud of hot steam. After the train leaved the canyon, Jose helped Donald into the engine car and got an idea as the train headed towards a large hill.

"Y/N! Quick! Unhook the engine car from the rest of the wagons!" Y\N quickly did as Jose said. The conductor tried to run on the engine car, but it was too late as the rest of the train went downhill with him on it.

"Have a nice time going back downhill!" Jose yelled with a large grin.

"I resent this!!" The conductor angrily yelled back as he got separated and went back downhill with the loading cars. "That was a close one!" Donald said before falling back on a nearby chair, with an exhausted look.

"Heh, what matters is that we made it! Right Y/N?" Jose asked with a proud smile.

"Yeah, but the question here is...once we'll get to the next town, how can we possibly will be able to find Panchito?" She asked with a worried look of her face.

"It'll be easy to find someone like Panchito" Jose answered.

"Yeah toots! He's not exactly the type to blend in after all." Donald added too.

"Are you sure about that? He will be very angry with us when he finds out that we have leave without him"

"We're sure" Both Donald and Jose said in unison.

"Relax toots. There's nothing to worry about" Donald said in a reassuring tone.

"Donald's right. Everything will be alright" Jose agreed.

"I just hope so" She looked up the sky, thinking of what Panchito was doing now.


Panchito got to his home and took the necessary materials to make the perfect Mexican fan to give Y/N. Once he was ready to start, by an acsidently way he pricked his finger with the pointed needle. But this didn't was enough to stop him, he would try as much many time it could take him to make this present for his chica. Once he finaly finished, he ran back to where Y/N and the other caballeros were. Only to see that no one was there.

"Quie? Where'd chica y mi amigos go?" Panchito called out for them as he searched around town. He soon began asking peoples if they've ever seen them as he showed pictures of Y/N, Donald and Jose. After a while, a traveling salesman told Panchito that he saw them board a nearby train. He gasped and got becomes confused as to why Y/N left without him, as he began to follow the train tracks with the serape. When he arrived to the canyon, he decided to take a shortcut and heads straight for the next town. Seeing that they haven't arrived yet, Panchito decided to lay down under a nearby tree and take a nap with the serape rolled up against his face. After about half an hour, the engine car arrived to the next town. As Y/N, Donald, and Jose got off, Panchito woke up with a relieved smile.

"Hola chica! I got you a fan that I made by myself!" He exclaimed and surprised Y/N.

"Thank you, how did you know that we were going here and how did you come before us?" She asked and took the beautiful light purple fan to her hands.

"I asked around and used the serape" Panchito said as he unfolded the serape. "So why did you leave without me chica? Were you too eager to see this place wait?"

"No. We just wanted to get away from you for a while" Donald stupidly answered and made Panchito become angry.

"Why did you wanna get away from me chica!?" Panchito yelled in disbelief.

"Even after the moment we had the other week" Panchito said, referring to when they kissed.

"Ssssh!" She quickly walked over him and covered his mouth with her hand.

"Wait....what's he talking about Y/N?" Jose asked suspiciously.

"Nothing!" She laughed nervously. Jose and Donald both looked at Y/N and Panchito with a raised eyebrow, not believing her.

"Lo siento chica, but I don't think they're gonna let this go. So...-clears throat- I hung out with chica for one night to watch TV and play a bit mi amigos" Panchito bravely answered them.

"And when was that!?" Donald yelled.

"I was sick that night and wanted her to-you were sick?" Jose pointed out.

"Was he really sick that night Y/N?" He asked curiously.

"He came to my house to visit me even if he was sick and he was the one who forced me to kiss him"

"What!?" Donald and Jose yelled in disbelief.

"You kissed her while you were sick!?" Jose yelled angrily at Panchito.

"Chica! Why'd you say that? They would never have thought that I would kiss you since I was sick" Panchito said disappointed.

"He's right toots. Not even I think that Panchito would stop that low" Donald said as he glared at him.

"Are you okay senhora? Did you get sick after that too?" Jose asked worriedly.

"You don't understand, he didn't want to kiss me since he was sick. He was walking to the kitchen where Iwas cooking something for him and he felt dizzy and was ready to fall down on the floor and hite his head, I ran over nim and then our lips joined together by a mistake"

" was an accident?" Donald asked in confusion.

"Yes, it was. Right Panchito?" She asked, while looking at him with a hopeful look. Panchito got the message and nodded in agreement. Donald sighed in relief, believing that they kissed by accident while Jose continues to glare at Panchito suspiciously.

"....If you say so" Jose said reluctantly as he backed away. Panchito sighsed in relief only to have Jose walk up and glare even more at him. Panchito pushed Jose away from here and began to sweat and talk nervously.

" about we head into town now. What do you say chica?"

"I think we had enough of seen the town, So, let's go to your home" She said to Panchito with a smile.

"You actually wanna go to MY house?" Panchito said with a surprised look in his eyes.

"Why are you so surprised?" Donald asked, confused.

"It's just that it's always been the other way around. Come on chica y amigos!" Panchito said before rushing off.

"Hey! Wait for us!" Jose yelled as he and Donald ran after Panchito.

"Let's go toots!" Donald yelled back to a confused Y/N.

"I'm comming!" She ran after them. Jose and Donald ran as fast as they could with Panchito leading the way.

"Can't....can't we just take the serape!?" Donald yelled, exhausted.

"No! Let's go there by foot Donald! It's not that far!" Panchito answered.

"Why is he always like doing okay back there Y/N!?" Jose yelled back in order to check on her. But she was stayed so far back of them, trying to take deep breaths because she couldn't run more. Only Jose notices and went back to get her as Panchito and Donald continued to run to Panchito's house. Once Jose reached her, he lended out his hand to help her. "You okay Y/N?"

"I...can't run...anymore" She tryed to say clear.

"Well....than will it be okay if I carry you? You can rest on my back as I get us there" Jose offered.

'Are you sure about that?" She asked in surprise.

"I'm sure. Come and hop on meu senhora" Jose leaned down just enough for her to climb on his back.

"Aliright..." She said once she clamped on his back and wrapped her arms around his neck. Jose boosted her up as he standed up with her on his back.

"Hold on tight senhora" He said before he started running towards Donald and Panchito. He soon catched up to them, and when he did, they both saw Y/N on his back.

"What!? Why are you on his back toots!?" Donald asked.

"I couldn't run, so sorry" She gave him an apologize look.

"Well why didn't you say so chica!? I would've gone back to get you!" Panchito said in a depressed tone.

"You seriously think that you could hear her from all the way back there!?" Jose pointed out.

"Well...let's just hurry on to my house amigos!" Panchito said before going back to running as fast as he could to his house. It took a while, but soon enough....Panchito's house came into view.

"There it is!" Panchito pointed towards it. They all stoped right in front of the house with Donald face planting the ground and Jose kneeling down to let Y/N off.

"Here...we are senhora" Once she placed oh her feet she thanked Jose for carring her all this way. Jose gave Y/N a small curtesy as she thanked him before catching his breath.

"Are you ready to go in chica?" Panchito asked as he approachesd a small shack.

"If the others are too" Donald and Jose both nod their heads yes, too exhausted to talk. "Than let's head inside mi amigos!" Panchito yells excitedly as he opens the door. He let's in Y/N first and the other cabelleros follow after catching their breath. "So what shall we do together chica?" Panchito says in a smooth tone to Y/N and annoying Donald and Jose.

"You will never change" She pointed out with also an annoying gaze.

"What's wrong? You don't like my charm anymore chica?" Panchito continues to say in a smooth tone. "I don't think she ever like it Panchito." Jose points out. "Did you Y/N?"

"I do like his charm, but there is no need to do so since we are all together"

"None sense chica. We can do it even when they're here." Panchito braged.

"No you can't!" Donald yelled.

"And why's that mi amigo?" He gave him a devious smile.

"Cause you said it yourself Panch. Every man for himself when it comes to the perfect woman." Donald answered in a rather frustrated tone.

"Well that doesn't apply to her. For she's already mine. Isn't that right chica?" Panchito stupidly boasted as he wrapped his arm around her.

"What makes you think that I am already yours, you didn't even proved that you truly love me anyway!" She said angrily, while trying to get out of his strong yet gently hold.

"Quie do you mean? I do love you! How haven't I proven that yet?" Panchito worriedly said. Donald opened his mouth to talk, but Jose pited his hand over and shaked his head. Believing that they should handle this on their own without interruption.

"Tell me Panchito, what is the love to you?"

"It's when we care about and pay extra attention to each other. Isn't that what love is about?"

"Wrong! Love is when you are able to do things and love someone more than your own self, you idiot" She yelled loudly in anger.

"....Uh...lo siento...chica?" Panchito nervously smiled as he let go of her. After Panchito backed away and sat in a chair in the corner of the room. Donald and Jose were both wide eyed, surprised that Y/N was keeping all that anger bottled up.

"Uh....are you gonna be okay Y/N. that was an aweful lot of steam that you let off there" Jose said calmly.

"It wasn't my fault you know"

"We know, but you should still maybe relax a bit before doing anything else. Especially talking to Panchito" Jose pointed out as Panchito looked depressed and lower in thought.

"Yeah! In fact, how about we just watch something to get your minds off things toots?" Donald suggested.

"You know what? I am going out for a while. I really need fresh air" She said and walked out of the house, closing the door behing her. Donald and Jose both frown at the site of Y/N leaving. They than turned towards a depressed Panchito with an angry look in their eyes.

"Panchito, you do realize that you gotta stop bragging like that, right?" Jose said in a frustrated tone.

"Jose's right. You gotta stop thinking about only yourself Panchito!" Donald yelled angrily.

"-long depressed sigh- I know. But I just can't help myself. I love Y/N" Panchito said in a sad tone.

"So do we!!! Yet you don't see us bragging about it!" Donald yelled once again.

"Calm down Donald. This is Y/N we're talking about. She probably won't like how we're yelling at Panchito like this" Jose calmly pointed.

"Are you serious!? How can you be so calm after seeing all that Jose!? Panchito obviously needs to learn a lesson!"

"Sim, but I seriously doubt that he's gonna learn something from you telling!" Jose yelled back as him and Donald began to argue over what to do with Panchito. Panchito on the other hand didn't see the point in this and sneaked out of the house to go find Y/N. Once outside, he began to look all around town for her. Hoping that she's still here. As Panchito throughly looked around town, he soon spoted Y/N at the park sitting alone on a bench. Believing that she needs some company, Panchito walked up to her from behind and taped her shoulder. "Y/N?"

"You again?" She made some steps back.

"Relax chica! I mean, Y/N. I only wanted to talk" Panchito begged her to stay and talk with him, and to show that he was serious, he actually stopped calling her chica. "I'm sorry about what I did, but can you play stay and just hear me out?"

"Go ahead and talk..." She said in serious tone. Panchito took a deep breath and nervously approached Y/N.

"I'm sorry for not showing you enough care Y/N. I guess I was so focused on impressing you, that I forgot to consider your feelings about the things I was doing" Panchito said this in a guilty tone, hoping that Y/N would forgive him.

"I don't know...even if I forgive will keep acting like that, I just know it"

"No I won't! I swear chica! I promise to think of your feelings first before my own!" Panchito looked down at Y/N with pleasing eyes saying that she wanted her to come back with him.

"At least give me one more chance. Just one more chance Chica" Panchito pleaded.

"I don't know if you deserve it or...nor even me"

"Oh come on! Im be-"

"PANCHITO!!!" Jose and Donald interrupted the moment and ran up to Panchito with angry looked in their eyes. Once they reached the park, they grabed a depressed Panchito from both sides. He surprisingly didn't resisted.

"I'm sorry toots. He wasn't bothering you again was he?" Donald worriedly asked.

"You know, I don't even need others to protect me, just leave me alone. All of you!" She yelled angrily and walked away. The Three Caballeros are all stunned and aren't exactly sure as to what to do anymore.

"Should we go after her?" Donald asked.

"Course not. I think she just needs some alone time" Jose calmly said.

"-Sigh-Yeah...I think Jose's right. Let's go back to my home amigos" Panchito said as they let him go and began walking back home with Donald and Jose following. It took a while, but Y/N soon noticed that instead of coming after her, the three caballeros were actually walking away from her for once. Y\N was walked for a little more hour, until she found a big fountain and sat there to rest and think more calmly and logically. As she was looking up the blue sky thinking about many things, then an old goodheart woman noiticed her sad look and aprowched as she sat next to her.

"Why so blue little girl?" The woman asked as Y\N looked up to her.

"I was removed from my friends" She said almost like a whisper.

"Oh, and why that's happened?"

"It was because of a selfish redhair guy..."

"You mean Panchito Pistoles?" She asked with a smile.

"You know him?" Y\N asked in comfusition.

Everyone's know the older son of senior Gonzales. He's a really strong man, and also very kind and sweet. Always care and put the others first" The old woman explaned calmly.

'But also so much selfish, he always want to spend all the time with me even if we were with our friends around"

"What a beautiful fan?" She smiled, as she looked at the fan in Y\N's hands.

"It's a gift that Panchito made for me by himself for me" Y\N explaned.

"I see, you know when a Mexican man making a gift like this to a girl, that means he loves her for sure and that he will always be by your side no matter what. You should give him a second chance" She smiled sweetly to Y\N.

"I suppose you're right" Y\N answered and smiled back. As she thanked the old woman for her help, she started to walkeing back to Panchito's house. Once she reached Panchito's house, she found the door locked. The three caballeros must've thought that she wasn't coming back, and as proof, she hears Panchito say...

"What are we gonna do now? Cause I don't think chica will be coming back here anytime soon" He said in a depressed tone inside the house.

"Guys, I am back!!!" She yelled loudly, so the boys could be able to hear her. A sudden silence fell down upon the caballeros after Y/N screamed. The one to rush over, unlock, and open the front door, was none other than Panchito.

"Chica! I...I thought you weren't come back"

"Why even you thought about something like that?" She asked with a playful smile.

"Well...after what you said and the way you yelled at us. I just thought...just...what changed your mind to come back chica?" Panchito said with a sly grin.

"Let's just say that an old woman helped me to think more logitely"

"An old woman changed your mind? Just what were you doing at the park?" Panchito asked as he regained his usual smooth tone.

"I was walking around thinking about what happened and then she came near me and we started to talk"

"Really? Well...what did she say to that convinced you to give me a second chance?" Panchito's sly grin turned into a look of curiosity as he wondered who that woman was and what she said to convince Y/N into coming back.

"That's doesn't matter now since I am here" She smiled sweetly to him. Panchito regained his sly grin and steped aside so that Y/N can enter.

"Well...are you coming in or not?" He chuckled.

"Of course I am" She said, as she passed into the house. Panchito closed the door behind her, and followed Y/N as she walked towards the others.

"Y/N! Hehe, I knew you just needed a little alone time!" Jose exclaimed with a bright smile as he hugged her.

"Welcome back toots!" Donald joined in and hugged her too.

"I am the one who have to apologize to you guys" She gave them a sad smile.

"You got nothing to apologize for chica. It was my fault that this all happened in the first place" Panchito kindly said this as he placed a hand on her shoulder from behind.

"Is it just me or did Panchito really just apologize?" Jose pointed out in disbelief.

"You're not dreaming Jose I saw and heared so too" She said in a playfuly tone.

"Well I don't buy it" Donald said grumpily.

"I mean it Donald. I'm not lying. I truly admit that it was my fault" Panchito said calmly.

"We heard you the first time Panchito. Anyhow, what matters is that everything's back to normal...I think" Jose said. Donald rolled his eyes disapprovingly and spook in a rough/annoyed tone.

"Fine! But what are we supposed to do now?"
Human three caballeros x reader (Part 17)
Title: The three caballeros and Y\N raid again (Part 1)
Fandom: Three Caballeros.
Characters: (Y\N)/Panchito Pistoles/Jose Carioca/Doanld Duck.
Disclaimer: The Three Caballeros is copyright Disney and I only use them for my enjoyment and not for profit.
The Preview image is not mine.
Part 17: You are here.
Part 16:…
Read and enjoy
Donald Duck:


Donald is not only known to screw things up, but gets angry easily. He'll get angry at anyone, including his friends, for even the smallest mistake or joke. The only person he never gets angry Y/N. No matter what kind of mistake or joke she does on Donald, he would just laugh it off or plain ignore it.


When the three caballeros and Y\N are going on a trip to find new adventures, the driver of the car is always Donald, except when they're using Panchito's magical flying serape. Y\N likes when Donald's driving the '313'. Specially when he goes faster than the normal car speed.


Donald does smile once in a while, but only when he's the center of attention, having fun, or is alone with Y/N. The latter is when his smile is at it's peak.


Every sailor is always searching for a treasure, But Donald knows that he had already found his own and that treasure is Y\N. Because she knows that he's not as bad or useless as the most of people thinks about him. She always making him smile and have hopes for the future.


Donald isn't known to be able to get things right on the first try. Unlike Panchito and Jose, he is a huge clutz and would think up bad ideas on a daily basis. Most of these bad ideas involve trying to stay alone with Y/N somehow.


Donald is still a young man, but he's always trying to act like the most mature of the caballeros. His attempts always seems to backfire though, specially when he becomes nervous around Y/N.


Whenever Donald is alone with Y/N he becomes incredibly nervous under peer pressure due to the rare chance of being alone with the girl he's in love with.


Donald doesn't seem a very strong guy, but he is and he can show it to others, specially at those ones who are trying to hurt Y\N.


Donald doesn't show consideration and care for many things, but if it's one thing he always shows these things for, is his family. Which includes Jose, Panchito, and Y/N in there own ways.


Donald was known to be very bright and playful as a child. This fact puzzles people at how Donald's personality made a full 180 for the worse. Whenever asked this, Donald would always avoid the question and bring up something else. Especially when Y/N asks him.


Donald wants to make Y\N laugh when she's sad, trying to say jokes but as he sees that doesn't working his angry or give up look of his face makes the work for him and brings the smile back to his face as he sees Y\N laughing once again.


Donald likes to tickles Y\N, because in this way he hears her laugh and makes her and his cheer up.


Donald always would become confident about something once he puts his mind to it. The one thing that he's always confident about, is dating Y/N. Though Panchito and Jose can break that confidence once in a while.


Donald and Y\N are big fans of food with good taste. The most of time Donald will cook for Y\N and she will eat whatever he makes to her, because it's always taste super delicious.


Donald and Y\N loves the water and everything related to it. The rain, the pools, the fountains and more. Sometimes he likes to take the hose and plays water fight with his amigos and now with Y\N too.


Donald's life is like a movie, the adventure, drama, romance and ect. He always was facing difficulties with humor and he still can hope for a happy endding as much long as he has his friends and Y\N by his side.


Donald feels the most comfortable at home where very few mistakes are made. Though he also feels this way when inside Y/N's house. He actually calls it his second home sometimes.


Whenever Donald gets an idea of his own, it normally ends in a huge failure due to how reckless he becomes. For Donald never seems to think before he acts in those situations.


Donald tells lies to other people, except the people who are very dear to him like Y\N and his two best friends Panchito and Jose. He does't do it because he's a bad guy. He only does it so because he thinks that the other people would like him more if he says that he had made great things in his life even if some of them is not true.


Donald isn't the type to hide stuff from others. He tells everyone almost everything that happens. Almost everything. Whenever something happens to him that should be a secret, the first person he would go to and tell, is Y/N due to having so much trust in her.


Donald is the only one of the three caballeros who has nothing to hide from Y/N. His only 'bad habit' is his clumsiness.


Sometimes Donald speaks or acts in a sarcastic way because he wants to show the others that he's the best, but not to Y\N. Actually he did it a time, but he regret it very soon because she had made a whole week to talk to him again.


If you could ever give an other name to Donald Duck, then that's the word 'Jealous'. He will act very jealous when he sees persons showing love and attention to Y\N, if she's the one who shows love or attention to others ecxcept him and sometimes that doen't end very good for him or the others who are near him.


Believe it or not, Donald has friends da is his own too, despite his very short temper. The only thing is that he sometimes needs help to make friends. He only doesn't need help when it involves a beautiful girl that he gains a crush on. Specifically Y/N.


Donald can be incredibly rash at times and make the wrong decisions. Some of those decisions have actually made him look crazy sometimes.


Donald is not a person who will share the things that he likes to eat, drink or use, but with Y\N...well that's an other story.


One of the things that Donald envied others for, specifically Panchito, is for their strength. Cause Donald can barely pick up Y/N without hurting his own arms.


Donald never was one of the luckiest persons in the world. But he doesn't think so, since he has his three little nephews, Panchito, Jose and especially Y\N in his life.


Donald has known to hide not only when frighten, but also when he comes across something that he knows he can't deal with. The only time he's seen to be brave is when he's protecting Y/N from something or someone that would be able to harm her.


Donald happens to show many forms of emotion in a sometimes confusing manner. He rarely shows happiness to others unless it involves Y/N or something good with his friends, but he mainly angry around 70% of the time.


Donald is loyal to his friends, specially Y/N, but there's been times when he loses sight of that loyalty, and only thinks about himself. This usually happens when he wants to be the center of attention. They're also times when all his loyalty goes into Y/N, and he doesn't care about the others.


When Y\N is in bad temper or when she's tired, a defenitlyway that could calm her nerves down is Donald making her massage to her shoulders or back. He knows that this is the most effective way to calm her down and show her tenderness without feeling nervous. And sometimes he uses this way to still a kiss from her or to start a game between them....


If there is a person who will always give his 100% for Y\N, then that person is none else than Donald Duck. Except Panchito and Jose of course.


Donald loves his friends and family, but doesn't show it almost all of the time. The only person that Donald shows obvious love for, in public, is Y/N.
Human three caballeros x reader (Part 16)
Title: Relationship and acts (Part 3)
Fandom: Three Caballeros.
Characters: (Y\N)/Donald Duck.
Disclaimer: The Three Caballeros is copyright Disney and I only use them for my enjoyment and not for profit.
The Preview image is not mine.
Part 16: You are here.
Part 15:…
Read and enjoy
Happy Birthday to our beloved Donald Duck!!!
Is anyone intresting about Diabolik Lovers RP?


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