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Today as we all know is the Valentine's Day. One day that the lovers showing their love to their special one. The day where everything can happen. Where the people flirt, kissing and ect...
For Y\N it was nothing but a simple day at the school. She had two whole months to see her three caballeros, because she has to read her homework and about some really difficult tests of mathematics, history and geometry.

Y\N's teacher had taken clear orders from her uncle to be very strict with her to have further chances to become an excellent and consistent student, as the only family person she had left in the world, it was very reasonable at least for him to have so big expectations and dreams for his beloved niece.

The good news is that the school wasn't so boring, at least she made two new friends. Also she enrolled in the music club of school, and so she will have the opportunity to practice her abilities to guitar that Panchito gave to her.

The bad news is that apart from the fact that she had so many days seeing the three boys, her uncle found that the first days that they had returned in the real world, she was staying up late at night, chatting with them by the phone, instead of doing her homework. And so he took the phone away from her, excluding the weekends. After all he wasn't so heartless.

Now Y\N was staring at the clock of the classroom, waiting to hear the ring bell of the school and go to her home, to be free until the next day.


The school bus stopped right in front of the gate of the mansion, she got up from her seat and passed out of the bus and placed her feet to the pavement, then the mechanism closed the door engineering of bus, and now she was waving her arm by saying goodbye to her friends before the bus continued its course away from her and the house.

Y\N started walking to the huge double front door of the mansion. Even before she could ring the bell of the door Edward (The butler of the house) opened the door for her and stepped aside, allowing her to get in, before close the door behind him.

"How was your day miss Y\N?" Edward asked in a very serious yet polite way.

"Borring..." Y\N answered casually, holding her back up her shoulder, making her way towards the long stairs to go to the upper floor. All she wanted now was to go to her room.

"Niece, where are you think you're going?" Her uncle asked in a playfully tone, as he walked over her.

"I am going to my room" She said simple, looking at him with a tired gaze.

"Not before you show me the grades of your tests" She sighed deeply and put her bag down to the floor. She opened her bag and pulled out three papers before gave them to her uncle. Mister Bernard hadn't the best vision and the reason of that was his old age. So he wore his glasses that he pulled out from the pocket of his silky coat.

"Well let's see what we have here... 17\20 at geometry, 18\20 at mathematics and 19\20 at history!? That's absolutely fantastic! Good job niece!" He exclaimed overjoyed and hugged his niece tighty.

"Yeah, thank you. I am going to my room now" She pulled out of the hug and started to walking up the stairs, but she stopped when she felt her uncle's hand grabbing gently her wrist.

"Today you can go to visit your three friends if you want to" He smiled happily to her.

"As reward to a dog who obeyed perfectly to his owner's orders huh? How pathetic..." She said coldly and removed her hand from his own and continued her way up to the stairs.

"Oh, perhaps I was too much strict with her, what do you say Edward?" Mister Bernard asked his butler who was dusting the library with a duster.

"I totally agree sir. After all, you can't limit the young love in a such way" The butler said smoothly with a small smile.

"Young love you say? Oh, now I see!" He smiled, as he realized that his beloved niece has fall in love with someone of her three friends.


Now Y\N was in her room laying in her bed looking up to the vacuum in the ceiling. She didn't has something else to do since she had do all of her homework for the next day at the school.

*Knock Knock*

"Enter" She said hearing quit borring. Then her uncle cam in the room and colsed the door behing him, as he walked over her and sat to edge of her bed, strokind her hair gently.

"Look niece, I am sorry if I was too much strict to you. I just want the best for you. You know, when your parents died I promesed to my self and your mother (His twin sister) to make sure that you'll have a great fututer and be happy in your life" He explaned calmly.

"I know. But you have to understand that only I know exactly how much I deserve i n my life. You have to understand that I am not you, I am only myself and I have my own dreams and desires. I will not leave the schoil or something like that and I am sorry if I forgot about it and lied to you in our firts days here when I was chatting with my friends, instead of doing my homework. But you don't have to depriving me of my freedom at such hard way, not letting me to see them for 2 whole weeks. They must feel so sad without me, I missed them too..." She was looking at him in tears. This made her uncle's feel awful and a hard paing to his chest.

"I am so sorry my niece! I didn't want to make you feel like this, please forgive me!" He hugged her tightly.

"I forgive you Uncle Bernard" She said, hugging him back.

"I love you so much niece!" He smiled warmly, still hugging her.

"I love you too" She smiled back and broked the hug, as she got up from the bed.

"Now, are you ready to go to your friends?" He asked her.

"Yeah, I am ready" She said and placed her guitar behind her back.

"Why are you taking your guitar with you? Do you want to sing a love song to someone special of yours?" He asked her teasingly, making her blush lightly.

"N-No of course not!" She said categorically, and walked out of her room.

"If you say so niece..." The old man giggled knowing that she was laying to him, before follow her and open and closed the door behind him.


After a while they went down to the laboratory and Y\N was patiently waiting for her uncle to make the necessary preparations to open up the machine and operate the magical wardrobe.

"I'll adjust the wardrobe to bring you first in Mexico. When you want to leave there and go to the Duckburg or return here, you should use this remote control" He said, and gave it to her.

"Alright I get it. But why I should want to go to the Duckburg so early? Donald and Jose has still be in Mexoci with Panchito, right?"

"No, Donald has returned to his town and Jose went with him since he has only a last week before to go back to Brazil for his job" He explaned to her, pressing the last button to finally open up the entrance of the wardrobe for Mexico.

"But I haven't any map to lead me to Panchito's house or neither to Donald's too" She complained slightly.

"There is no need about that, the remote control will do it for you. This one has a JPS on it" He put it into operation and opned the door for her.

"See you at the night uncle Bernard" She hugged her uncle and passed into the wardrobe.


When she found herself in Mexico, the sun was hiding behind the clouds and blowing slightly. from the moment he arrived at Gonzales family estate, she made her way towards the door of the house. She knocked the door a couple of times but the person who opened the door wasn't Panchito or senior Miguel. It was a beautiful woman dressed in a more every day kind of dress, with her long dark braided hair and ruby eyes. Her smile was gentle but it had a kind of playfulness that was kind of like Panchito's smile (except less devious).

"Hello there, how can I help you cute little girl?" She asked Y\N with a very welcome smile.

"My name is Y\N. I came to visit Panchito..."

"Oh, Y\N you say!? You must be Panchito's novia (Girlfriend)! I am so glad to meet you. Panchito was talking about you every day from the moment I got here, you know. He seems that had get really crazy for you. I am so happy for you both! By the way, my name is Maria and I am his older sister" She shaked Y\N's hand and left her to come in, as she closed the door behind her and walked towards the stairs.

"Nice to meet you Maria" Y\N smiled sweetly. Maria nodded her head and smiled back.

"Panchito come down here, you have a visitor!" Maria yelled loundly, so her brother would be able to hear.

"I don't want to see anyone! Leave me alone!" Panchito yelled angrily from the up floor.

"Forgive him, but he's not to his best psychological state, from the moment that you returned to your home...hey, look what will happen now...Panchito, your visitor is a girl with the name Y\N!" Maria said loundly once again. In a few seconds Panchito speeded down from the stairs and his eyes widened when he finally saw his beloved one, Panchito grinned from ear to ear.

"Chica!" He cried out. Before Y\N could do or say anything, Panchito rushed forward and lifted the smaller girl of the wooden floor. Panchito laughed as he spun Y\N around once then began to place several passionate kisses on her face. Maria looked up in surprise but Panchito didn't seem to care.

"Panchito!" Y\N demanded, as soon as she was place down on her feet again. Her face was bright red and she glared daggers at Panchito but the taller man just laughed, looking down at her with a look full of warmth and tenderness.

"Lo siento mi amor" he said, still grinning down at her.

"Stop calling me like that!" She yelled and blushed hard, but for Panchito the angrily way she was looking at him it was just too much adorable than every creature that he have ever seen.

"But I can't help myself! It feels like forever since I last saw you" He wrapped his strong arms around her waist.

"Oh come on, it was only two months ago!" She complained. Still blushing, while trying to escape from his strong arms, hearing his playfully-deviously chuckles.

"Si but even two months without mi chica is like a million years" He leaned toward her and pecked her nose playfully.

"Yeah, whatever you say" She hit him a little to his chest. He groaned lightly and laughed, finding this action of her little painful but very cute. Then he smirked and lifted her up to his arms like a baby.

"Now now, let's go to my room. We have a lot to talk about...chica..." He said in a seductive and sexy whisper and put her head against his shoulder.

"You don't have to carry me in all the way, you know!" But she stopped when he started to strocking her hair slowly and gently.


Now she stayed in Panchito's room, surrounded by Panchito's boyhood treasures. If anyone else were to look into the room they would see a winner, what with all the first place trophies all over the place. Y'\N sat down on the bed and took a moment to stretch out her arms and legs.

"I like your room. It's looks nice" She said, and put the guitar next to her on the bed. When there was no answer Y\N looked up and found Panchito leaning against the door frame, gazing at her with a lazy kind of smile.

"W-What are you looking at?" She asked hearing very nervoudly. Panchito smiled a bit more.

"You" He said. Y\N blushed deeply, looking away.

"Stop saying stuff like that!" she muttered. The sound of movement made Y\N look up, just a moment too late as suddenly Panchito was on top of her, pinning her to the bed by practically laying on top of her across the bed. It wasn't crushing but it was still able to hold her to the bed.

"Panchito!" Any other words out of her mouth would have been cut off as Panchito kissed her.

"What the heck Panchito?" Y\N came up sputtering, glaring up at Panchito.

"Mi bebé, I have two whole months to see you, and since today it's Valentine's day...I want to show you how much I missed you..."

Y\N blushed even more as she felt heat creeping up through her entire body. Her eyes locked on Panchito's, unable to break away from the passionate fire that burned there. It just seemed to suck her in and she wasn't able to look away.

Y\N could feel her stomach doing back flips as her heart began to beat at the speed of light. She wasn't sure how Panchito did it to her every time. It was a little scary and exciting at the same time, and as Panchito kissed her once again, Y\N felt as if she was being pulled in. Without even thinking her arms wrapped around Panchito's neck. Panchito's kiss it was so soft, slowly and tenderly, burning passionately like fire. She closeed her eyes as it takes a hold of Y\N's heart and doesn't let go. She just lets herself get taken in by the kiss. And then her cell phone in her pocket began to vibrate.
Reluctantly Y\N pulled away from the kiss, her face burning. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone.  

"It's Donald!" She said, ignoring the annoyed look on Panchito's face.

"Hey toots, it's me Donald!" He said happily.

"Olá meu senhora! Since I am hearing your beautiful voice that means your uncle gave back your phone to you. I am very glad" Jose said in his usual suave tone of his voice.

"Yeah, I am so sorry about that. I had so much homework to do and three really difficult tests at my school. But today and from now on, I'll be able to come and visit you more than the usual. Now I am in Mexico with Panchito, and we will come to you in a few hours for Valentine's day" Panchito was strocking her face and placing some sweet yet passionate kisses to the forehead, cheeks and lips, as she was trying to escape from him.

"Will you come here to us!? Yupi!!!" Donald said full of joy.

"We will be waiting for you, até logo or as the Americans say...see you later" Y\N smiled, as she closed the cell phone and looked back to Panchito.

"Would you please get off me?" She asked, Panchito grinned as he shook his head and started to kissing her to the lips once again.

"So now where were we?" Panchito smirked. Y\N saw red, as a sudden powerful force pushed through her veins.

"GET OFF!" She snapped, as she forcefully pushed Panchito off, sending the redhead man tumbling to the floor. Panchito hit the floor hard with his back side.

"Ouch! Now I think my trasero is bruised" He said, rubbing his bottom in pain.

"I have to go and see Donald and Jose too. So, will you come with me or not?" She asked, as she took the guitar from Panchito's bed and pulled it again behind her back.

"Si chica, I will come too" He chuckled and followed her out from his room.


Once they got to the Duckburg. Panchito led her to Donald's house since it's wasn't so far that she thought. The home of her American friend was very strange but beautiful in the same time because it was looks like a huge navy ship. Panchito knocked the door and the one who opened the door it wasn't someone else but the same Donald Duck with a simple small smile to his face. But when he saw Y\N, his smile became bigger than every time he smiled.

"Toots you came!" Donald said, showing the happiness on his childish yet cute face, as he gave her a tight hug.

"I missed you too Donald" Y\N hugged him back. As she and Panchito walked into the house, she was looking around the living room.

"Your home is amazing!" she said simply.

"Thanks toots!" Donald blushed lightly, laughing a little bit and smiled nervously.

"Where is Jose?" Panchito asked him.

"To the kitchen, we are making chocolate for valentine's day!" He said happily.

"Can we join you?" Y\N asked, thinking about the delicious chocolate, since she was a lover about chocolate and sweets things.

"Sure, come on and follow me" He shyly took her hand to his own and led Panchito and her to the kitchen. As they walked into the kitchen they show Jose cooking while singing a song about Baia.

"Hola amigo" Panchito said simple/

"Hello there Jose" Y\N greeted him sweetly. Jose immediately left what he was doing and walked over Y\N and hugged her lovingly.

"Olá minha doce senhora, eu senti tanto a sua falta..." (Hello my sweet lady, I missed you so much...) He whispered softly in her ear and kissed her hand.

"I don't know what that means...but I missed you too" She smiled sheepishly, while blushing lightly.

"Enought, with all this Jose, we have to make chocolate, remember?" Panchito lulled Jose away from Y\N with an annoyed look.

"I have a better idea! We will cook some delicious chocolate gor Y\N and she'll sing a song for us!" Jose smirked at Panchito who was looking at Jose with angry eyes.

'I loved to! Also I had write a song for you three guys" Y\N sat on a chair of the table and pulled her guitar in fron of her and start to play and sing her song to her beloved friends. Time passes pleasantly as the boys cook and Y\N was playing the guitar and singing with grace and skill.

♫♫ I love you too much
To live without you loving me back
I love you too much
Heaven's my witness and this is a fact
I know I belong
When I sing this song
There's love above love and it's ours
Cause I love you too much
I live for your touch
I whisper your name night after night
I love you too much
There's only one feeling and I know it's right
I know I belong
When I sing this song
There's love above love and it's ours
Cause I love you too much

Heaven knows your name I've been
Praying to have you
Come here by my side
Without you a part of me's missing
Just to make you my own I will fight
I love you too much!
I love you too much
Heaven's my witness and this is a fact
You live in my soul
Your heart is my goal
There's love above love and it's mine
Cause I love you
There's love above love and it's yours
Cause I love you
There's love above love and it's ours
If you love me
As much♫♫

"Ah. meu amor. I just adore your voice" Jose said with a sweet smile, looking at her with half-closed eyes.

"Yeah, you have the most beautiful voice that I have ever heard!" Donald said, tasting some of his cocolate.

"Thank you..." She blushed hard, hearing their complements about her voice.

"For which of us did you write this song?" Jose asked her.

'For all of you. I love you all in the same way!" She said with one of her sweet smiles.

"Let's play a game!" Pamchito suggested.

"A game, what kind of game?" Donald asked and crossed his hands, knowing that Panchito has planing "Not good" something to his mind.

"We will tie the eyes of chica with a handkerchief and give her to try from our chocolates. If she guess the taste and which one of us it belongs to correctly, then the winner will take a kiss from her to the lips and the one who made the chocolate that she liked most will be her Valentine and lover forever. And the loser will stay just friends" Panchito smirked to Jose and Donald.

"I am not sure..." She looked down to the floor, wanting to hide the hard blush she had in her cheeks.

"I like the idea of the game!" Jose said, with a cool-calm look determined to win the game but also the heart of his beloved one.

"Me too. I'll go to find a handkerchief!" Donald was ready to walk out of the kitchen but the last moment Panchito catched him from his wirst and brought him back in the kitchen.

"There is no need about that, we will use my own" Panchito took off his handkerchief from his neck and covered her eyes with it.

"Y ahora, time for you to taste..." Panchito made a deviously chuckled.

The frist one she tasted was a white chocolate with a performance of small tracks of milk chocolate.

"Mmm...white chocolate! Mmm and tracks of milk chocolate, I like it!" Y\N smiled in good taste. Suddenly she lest someone shyly placed a small kiss on her lips.

"I-I am glad you liked it" Donald said. He was happy in the fact that she couldn't see his red blush face now.

"This chocolate was yours i can see" She blushed lightly.

The second that she tasted was a dark brown chocolate with an external smell and taste of mangoes.

"A good taste of dark chocolate and mango...?" She asked, not sure if that she tasted were the mangoes or another tropical fruit. Then she felt an other person kissing her sweetly and tenderly, but not with the same strength and passion of Panchito.

"Muito obrigado meu amor" Jose said, while smiling sweetly to her, strocking her chin with his thumb.

The third one was a simple yet SUPER DUPER yummy taste of Lila pause chocolate with small tracks of strawberry and cherry.

"You know, Lila pause is my favourite chocolate and-" She didn't manage to even to complete her proposal and felt the third person to kissing her passionately but also lovingly. When the kiss broked she took of the handkerchief and gave back to Panchito who was smirking down her jubilantly.

"Looks like I am the winner, no?" Panchito asked, while chuckling.

"No you are not! The one who won the game is me!" Jose yelled angrily a littled bit.

"I won, she liked my chocolate most, right Y\N?" Donald asked.

"Well, first of all. I liked Panchito's chocolate most. I love you all but I don't think this is the right way for you to win my heart. I think only time will tell who will be the one who will love me truly. You said it by yourself that I am one of you, didn't you? You said we will always be together and nobody or anything will change that, right?"

"Si, we did" Panchito replied smoothly.

"So do not pressure me and let time do its work" She smiled to them.

"I think our senhora is absolutely right" Josa sai with a small smile. But deep inside he sweared to try his best to make Y\N love him too, as deeply he loves her.

"And I think I've thought of a another equally good game to play all together" Y\N said with a smirk

"What game you thought to play toot-" Before he couldn't finish his proposal Y\N threw a large ball of thick chocolate in all his face.

"Hahaha! I like your idea chica!" Panchito exclaimed in fun, throwing an other cocolate ball to her, but the last moment she avoided the shot laughing playfully.

After some hours.

"You scoffed. Seriously Jose!?" Donald slapped Jose's palms on the chocolate on the counter and threw powder at him.

Panchito's laughter was immediately halted when he coughed as he almost swallowed the chocolate Y\N just threw at him.

"You little--" He and Jose turned around and saw two other bowls of dark and white chocolate. They took them and poured everything on Y\N and Donald, so they were not only the ones blanketed with the sweet thing. But the floor was already in a total mess as well.

Donald hated the cleaning that he'll have to do throughout the kitchen, and the bath, after Panchito and Y\N will go, but at least he would have the help of José.
Human three caballeros x reader (Part 9)
Title: Valentine's day with the three caballeros
Fandom: Three Caballeros.
Characters: (Y\N)/Panchito Pistoles/Jose Carioca/Doanld Duck//Unlcle Bernard.
Disclaimer: The Three Caballeros is copyright Disney and I only use them for my enjoyment and not for profit.
The Preview image is not mine.
Part 9: You are here.
Part 8:…
Read and enjoy
Τhe next day Y\N woke up very early because she felt very worried about what was going to happen today. She didn't want to wake up the three boys who were still sleeping to their beds, so she walked quietly on the balls of her feet out of the room, before closed gently the door behind her. Y\N was walking by passing some corridors with many doors, until she found herself to the large living room of the house. There beside the stone fireplace was sitting senior Gonzales reading his newspaper. He was looking very busy and she didn't want to disturb him. She tried to take a few steps back, making some crackling sounds as her feet rubbed against the wooden floor. He looked up his newspaper to her.

"Donde crees que vas joven señora?" He asked and smiled lovingly to her, almost like Panchito's smiles.

"Well sir..." The old redhead man interrupted her, clearing his throat slightly annoyed.

"Oh yes, sorry. I mean senior Miguel, you just looked busy and I didn't want to interrupt you so..." He interrupted her again, as he put his newspaper down.

"Please have a seat, I believe we should talk for a while" He instructed, mentioning with his hand towards the sofa right opposite him. She did as he said and then, they started to talk.

"I contacted your uncle and he said that managed to repair the wardrobe completely. He will be here in a few hours to pick you" He said smoothly.

"Oh I see..." Y\N said almost like a whisper with a very sad look to her face.

"You really like my son and his amigos I can see" He smiled warmly.

"Um well you see. When I am together with Panchito and the others I don't feel sorrowful and alone. With them I feel almost like..." She looked down to the floor.

"Like your parents were here?"

"Yes! But how do you know about my parents death!?" She asked fully in confusion. Senior Miguel laughed lightly.

"Your uncle has told me everything about you. It really would be my pleasure to let you stay here with us for as much as you want to. but I am afraid that can not I do something if your uncle will insisted to take you with him" He said with a sad smile.

"But I can!" A familiar Mexican voice called behind her, hearing very angrily. Y\N turned her gaze and saw Panchito with a look full of anger. In a few seconds Jose and Donald walked into the living room too. Before she could do or say something, Panchito lifted her up in his arms and and made some steps back to tow other boys, holding her in a very protective way.

"Panchito!" Senior Miguel gave his son a stern look. Panchito tried to avoid his father's eye contact. He wanted to tell his father the truth about his feelings about Y\N without Jose or Donald to learn and then an idea came up his mind.

"Padre que no entiendes! Esta chica significa mucho para mí, no puedo dejar que nadie la lleve lejos de mí..." Panchito said to his mother language. (Spanish) So no one could be able to understand what their saying to each other, but only them.

"Este no es tu elegido, el único que decidirá si se quedará o se va es su tío y nadie más, estoy claro!?" His father yelled to him, as he stoond up from the sofa and walked over them with now angry eyes to Panchito.

"What are you both talking about? I cannot undrestand!" Donald yelled angrily as Panchito just ignore him.

Jose didn't know to speak the Spanish language, but list the years of friendship that he had with Panchito, he had learned a few words. He pitied a little that one of his best of friends (or so he thought) had feelings for the girl he loves, but he promised to himself that he will not give up and that he will do anything to win the heart of his beloved one, at all costs...

"Finalmente encontré mi verdadero amor y no la dejaré ir aunque esto signifique luchar con tu padre!" Panchito yells to his father with all his strength, but suddenly...

*Knock Knock*

All the glances turned towards the same direction, as the shadow of a male figure appeared behind the glass window frames of the front door of the house.

"Hello? Is anybody home? Hello...?" Y\N called behind the door.

"Put her down immediately son" Panchito obeyed his father, but kept his chica close to him placing a hand around her shoulder, as his father went and opened the door.

"Miguel Gonzales, long time no see!"

"Bernard Desmond, my dear old friend! How are you doing mi amigo...?" The both old men embraced each other, since they had a long time from the last time they met.

"I am fine, I took some time to find the house. To be honest, I got lost for a while. But as long as I was walking to the streets more and more memories came back to my mind and so here I am"

"Si, you always have difficulties with regard to orientation Bernard!" Senior Miguel teasing to his friend and the men laughed a little bit to the joke.

"So now, were is my niece?" Mister Bernard looked around, before to locate his niece and the three caballeros a bit more means to living room. Now he was walking over them. For some reason Panchito didn't like this man, he felt almost the same dislike and discomfort as when his first met with Donald's uncle (Scrooge McDuck). As Y\N's uncle approached them, Panchito walked in front of Y\N, wanting to protect her. Mister Bernard kept walking until he came face to face with the redhead Mexican, who was looking at the old man with a wild, defensive look, almost ready to fight.

"What's the matter young man?" Mister Bernard said, looking at Pamchito with serious eyes. Panchito said nothing. He just watched Bernard with the same following gaze, as if they were waiting for one another to make the first move.

"Panchito, move over right now" Senior Miguel said strict to his son.

"I will not let you to take my chica away from me!" Panchito yelled, with a light grunt.

"Your chica!? You mean our chica...and we senhor Bernard won't let you take her away from us...if she don't watn to of course" Jose also supported.

"Yeah, from now on, Y\N is one of us. She's a caballero too-I mean a chica-I mean..." Donald was trying to find the right word.

"We are the three caballeros and she's our chica!" Panchito exclamated, as the others nodded their heads in answer.

"I see, but the point is...that we are not gonna leave forever. I didn't simply managed to fix the magical wardrobe, I fully upgrade it. From now on my dear niece and I will have the opportunity to can be transported in one more place except to Mexico!" He smiled happily to them.

"Then tell us, what are the other place you can go?" Angrily Donald asked in distrust, and huffed while crossing his arms.

"I am glad you asking me this question Donald" Mister Bernard laughed lightly.

"Hey, wait a minute. How do know my name?" Donald rolled his eyes.

"Well, the other place that I managed to go is the Duckburg to America" He said calmly yet smoothly.

"The Duckburg!?" Donald asked, filling with joy and happiness.

"Yes, your uncle Scrooge and I agreed to merge some of our enterprise, also I will try to implement some of my inventions. And it's not only that. I bought a home in your town and Y\N and I are gonna live there for some months every year, so you both will be able to see each other and spend time like good friends" He smiled warmly. Donald and Y\N looked each other for a moment, and then cried out a lound "Yupi!!!" and started to jumping up and down in happiness.

"And I decided to make a trip in Brazil this summer, to Rio de Ja neiro, to be precise it was always my dream to go there and I have plans to make a number of businesses and there"

Jose couldn't believe what he just heard. He will have the opportunity to be with the girl of his dreams even when he'll go back to his beloved homeland!

Now Y\N was crying, hot tears were runing down from her eyes, but it wasn't from sadness. The three boys looked at her in confusion.

"Why are you crying chica?" Panchito asked, as Jose strocked her back and Donald wiped her tears away.

"Because I am happy. For the first time after a long time I feel really happy!" She cried out and ran to her uncle and gave him a tight embrace.

"I am so glad to hear so...niece" Mister Bernard smiled happily, huging his niece back.

"So will you let chica to come to our world whatever she please?" Panchito asked, still looking at him with distrust.

"If Y\N will behave correctly and will be a good student at her new school, then yes" He replied in his usual smoothly tone of his voice.


Y\N and the three boys went to Panchito's room for their last deliberation before she'll be back to her home. Pancito got out of the room, he said he had to do something...

"We'll miss you meu senhora" Jose gave her a sad smile.

"Don't be so dramatic. You heard my uncle, I can come to your worlds when I want to if I'll be a good student" She smiled sweetly at him.

"But I won't stay in Mexico forever. I have to go back to Brazil for my job in a few weeks" He said. lighting his cigar with a match, from a can with matches which pulled out of the breast pocket of his cream sport jacket.

"No problem we can use our phones to talk to each other when we want to"

"Hey, that's a good idea!" Donald said.

They took some small papers and pens from Panchito's office desk and wrote their number phones. As they exchange their number phones, Panchito came back to them, holding something big behind his back.

"Hey chica. I thought how lonely you feel when you go back to the house of your uncle, so I brought you this..." Panchito pulled behind of his back a beautiful medium sized spanish guitar. (…)

"Wow, what beautiful guitar!" She took the guitar to her hands and played lightly with the strings.

"I thought that every time you play this guitar, since you love the music, it will make you think of me. L-Look at the back, I wrote something for you" Panchito lightly blushed, smiling sheepishly. Y\N looked at the back of guitar and saw a carved inscription in gold grams "Always playing from the heart ❤ Panchito".

"Oh, thank you!" Y\N gave him a hug.

"Nada mi niña..." This made him to blush more, but he returned the hug anyway.

"I, Jose and Donald exchanged our number phones, so we must do as well" She smiled and gave him the small paper with her number phone on it. He took it and put it in his trouser pocket before to give a another small piece of paper with his own number to her.

"Be careful to not lose it, cause I will call you" He smirked, looking at her with this seductive eyes.

"Y-Yes..." She blushed, while smiling nervously.

"I'll call you too" Jose smiled and kissed her hand.

"Me too!" Donald supported too, as Y\N laughed lightly to his angry yet cute face. Although Y\N was not liked almost universally the school, she will try as hard as she can to be able to see her three caballeros.
Human three caballeros x reader (Part 8)
Title: We will meet again
Fandom: Three Caballeros.
Characters: (Y\N)/Panchito Pistoles/Jose Carioca/Doanld Duck/Senior Miguel Gonzales/Unlcle Bernard.
Disclaimer: The Three Caballeros is copyright Disney and I only use them for my enjoyment and not for profit.
The Preview image is not mine.
Part 8: You are here.
Part 7:…
Read and enjoy
Sebastian's pov: Ah. How nice I feel when I hold her in my arms? I love kissing her so much, to caressing her, to taking care of her. I will give her all my love and care. She is the only person who I really love, and I will never let her go from my life...never. I through as I walked in the corridors, holding her in my arms.

(y f n)'s pov: "Let me go now!" I said angrily.
Sebastian: "Shhhh. Let your daddy to take care of you, hm?" he kissed my forehead. "Now then, let's go make you a nice warm bath, shall we?" he purred, smiling at me.

(y f n): "! Let me go!" I said angrily.

Sebastian: "Now now, don't be afraid of your daddy...." he purred, while opening the door of the bathroom.

(y f n): "Let me go!" I was trying to escape from his arms, as a heard a chuckle of him.

Sebastian: "Oh my little one, you realy need to calm down. You and I know that all I want is you. I don't want anything else except you, and I will never let you go, yes?" he said, kissing gently on her cheek.

(y f n): "Stop kissing me" I muttered.

Sebastian: "Easy now" he whispered softly, while he began filling the tub with hot water.

(y f n): "If you're here with me..."

Sebastian: "My little one, my little one, my little one. It is normal for a demon such as I, to make bath for his child, so don't be shy about your body" he said with a soft purr and kissing her gently cheek.

(y f n): "Yes, I know I'm a demon for this reason. My mother hated me" I said with a sad look on my face.

Sebastian: "Look at me. Forget about your mother now. You have me, I really love you and, I will never let anyone harm you, yes?" I asked, stroking her face.

(y f n): "Yes" I said fortunately.

Sebastian: "And now. Let me strip your clothes to put you in the tub"  he removed my clothes

(y f n): "I..." I said reluctantly.

Sebastian's pov: "Come now my little one" I put me in the tub with the hot water, and took off my gloves to my usual way.

(y f n): "Mmm..." she said nervously.

Sebastian: "Yes my little one. Henceforth you be enjoyed every day, my love and care" I said, washing her body slowly and gently.

(y f n): "" she said, slowly relaxing.
When I finished the bath, I wrapped her gently in a white towel, after I clothed her in a purple dress that I found in an old room of the mansion.

Sebastian: "You're so beautiful...." I said, combing her hair gently.

(y f n): "Thank you dad" Suddenly, I heard my young master calling for me.

Sebastian: "My little one. I have to leave for a while, but don't worry, I will return soon as soon as possible, and I'll bring you something special to eat" I said, stroking her face softly.

(y f n): "Mmm...yes" she said, slowly relaxing from my touch.

Sebastian: "Wait here. I will not be long" I said, giving her a simple kiss on the forehead before leaving the room and closing the door behind me.
"So what will we do today?" Y\N asked eating some of her breakfast.

"What do you say Panchito?" Donald asks the redhead Mexican who has finished his food before anyone else. Panchito placed his hand on his chin, for a moment, trying to think something really good, and then beat his fingers and smiled brightly.
"What about....a day at the beach Acapulco?" Panchito exclaimed with excitement.

"Are you mean the most popular beach at whole Mexico?" Y\N asked.

"Sim, I am in!" Jose nodded, and smiled to him.

"I am not sure..." Donald said, remembering it's somewhat troublesome that the fact that he's doesn't actually tan but burns in the warm Mexican sun.

"Oh come on Donald, just think about it. The sea breeze, the warmth of the hot sun on your skin, the soft sand under your feet and the best of all... " He stood right behind yin and wrapped his arms around her waist, making her blush really hard.

"The view of the sunset is one of the most romantic moment in the world. Especially when you watching it with the person who is very dear to you...right chica?" He smirked, while looking very tenderly to Y\N who was smiling nervously to him. Suddenly...

*Ring Ring*

Y\N quickly pulled the phone out from her pant's pocket and looked who calls her and made her way out from the kitchen.

"Hello uncle Bernard, I am doing well. I have so much fun here. Mister Gonzales is so kind, he made a great welcome party for me yesterday. And today I'll go the beach with Panchito and me other new friends Jose and Donlad!" She said happily.

"My beloved niece, i am so glad to hear that you're fine. You know, I have good news. I almost have repaired the wardrobe and tomorrow...I'll come to pick you up!" Her smile slowly gone when she heard that she would have to go back home so soon.

"Oh I see. okay uncle, see you tomorrow" She closed the phone and pulled it back in her pocket, while walking to the kitchen to see Jose laughing at angry Donald who has trying to get his breakfast back, from Panchito. The Mexican stoped his actions when he realized the presence of his beloved one in the room.

"Que pasa chica?" Panchito asked and he stood up from his seat, as he saw Y\N sad face. In meantime Donald took the opportunity and got back his breakfast.

"My uncle said that he has almost repaired the magic wardrobe and probably tomorrow he will come here to take me back with him. The point is that I don't want to leave this place, I don't want to be away from you. With you I feel peaceful and happy. if I go back to my uncle's home, I'll be all alone and depressed again, as the first few weeks of the death of my parents. I don't want that!" She said with tears running down from her eyes. Panchito's eyes widened and clenched his teeth, feeling a severe pain to his chest, like consecutive stabs in the heart. Without a second thought, he ran to her and embraced her tightly.

"Não não, please do not cry..." Jose walked over Panchito and her and gently wiped the tears away from her beautiful and delicate face.

"Yeah, we will think something, so your uncle will let you to stay here with us" Donald said encouraging, trying to cheer her up, But it didn't work. Panchito placed his hands to the sides of her face, forcing her to look up, straight into his eyes.

"I will not let anyone to take you way from me. Do you hear that!?" He asked in a loud and slightly strict tonne in his voice.

Y-Yes..." Y\N answered and nodded, staring at the tall redhead man with a look full of awe and a little fear. His eyes immediately softened and placed a lovingly kiss on her forehead.

"Alright, let's go get ready for the beach now..." Donald said, as he pulled Y\N away from Panchito.

"But I don't have a swimsuit to wear" She said.

"Hey Y\N, dod you want to see a magic trick?" Jose asked twirled his umbrella playfully.

"Yes, why not?" She gave him a smile. He did a few dance moves and a quick spin and suddenly with a magic way displays a beautiful swimsuit and gave it to me. (…)

"So do you like it?" He asked again, as he leaned against his umbrella.

"I love it!" She cried out and gave him a tight hug. Jose smiled sweetly and returned the hug, while strocking her hair.

"I am glad..." He smirked as he noticed Donald's angry look and the bright light from Panchito.

"I am going to dress up, see you later guys" She pulled out from the hug, and made her way to the upstairs of the house.


Y\N descended the stairs having wear the swimsuit that Jose gave to her under her clothes. She looked around, but she couldn't find the boys anywhere in the house.

"Where are you guys?" Y\N asked loudly, so the boys would be able to hear her. In a few minutes Panchito walked in the house, without his clothes, wearing a siple jean and shoose.

"Come with me chica,  I want to show you something" He gently took Y\N's hand and led her to the back of the house which was a small garage. A few meters away was the huge stables of horses of the the Gonzales family.

"We present to you our car!" Panchito pressed the button on the remote control to open the door of the garage, revealing a modest-sized red car with the license plate number "313".

"Wow! This car is so cool!" Y\N smiled happily. As Jose and donald who has wearing only a jean and their shoose just like Panchito, placed the supplies and the necessary things for a day at the beach on the car. Like an umbrella, a volleyball, some food and drinks and ect.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go and have fun!" Donald said and sat to the driver seat and placed his hands on the steering wheel. Panchito and Jose helped Y\N to get in the car. Jose sat to the right side of the car and Panchito to the left,  as she was in the middle of them and right behind of Donald.

"Alright Donald Duck, show me what you've got!" She said defiantly, pushing slightly his shoulders. She always like the fast cars. A huge Cheshire smile appeared on his face as he put and turned the key in the engine of the car.

*Vroom Vroom*

"Is everyone ready?" Donald asked, ready to pressed the accelerator. Everyone cried out a lound "Yeah!" And with this, they started their way to the beach.


When they reached the beach, Y\N and the others got out of the car. And about 20 minutes later, Donald parks his car in the parking lot near the beach. They walked for a while, until they found a good, sandy place for rest and peace. Y\N went to the booths to take off her clothes and stay only in her swimsuit. Panchito placed the umbrella in the sand before he took off his jean and shoose, as Jose and Donald removed their own too and walked towards the sea. After a few minutes Y\N returned. Panchito looked Y\N from top to bottom and of course, gave her a wolf whistle as he says, "Looking good chica"

"Y-You're looking good as well Panchito..." She said, blushing a little bit. As she throwed a quick look at his beautiful, slim, yet muscular body.

'What are you looking at chica?" Panchito asked and gave her a devious smirk, looking at her with half-closed eyes.

"Nothing..." She looked away, wanting to hide the hard blush of her face, as she heard him chuckles, provocative and low in that perfect way.

"Oh, come on chica. I know that you like what you see" Then he started to walking closer to her, still smirking in this devious yet sexy way. She made some steps back but, she stopped when he wrapped his arms around her waist. prevents her to move further. She quicly looked at where Jose and Donald were. Fortunately for her, they hadn't noticed how much close Panchito and she were, because they were playing volley to shallow waters of the sea. She looked back to Panchito who now was looking down her with tenderness.

"You have great idea for yourself, you think that you're the most beautiful person in the world, right?" she asked looking down in the sand. Once more, he gently lifted her chin up with his thumb, forcing her to look into his beautiful brown eyes.

"No chica, the most beautiful and precious person in the world for me is not nobody else" He placed a quick kiss to her lips and a last caress on her chin, before walked to the sea to join the others. She was blushed so hard that felt her cheeks burning up. She couldn't believe it, She just took the first real kiss in her life. And it was from the same person who she had fall for! She only wished her parents would be able to see that. Her thoughts stopped when she heard the voice of her American friend calling out for her.

"Hey toots! Will you come or not?" Donald said, twisting the volleyball in his finger for a few seconds. As he threw the ball high in the air and natural instead landed again in his hand fell on his face, making him whining a little bit, rubbing his forehead in pain and laughed nervously to her, while blushing lightly.

"Come on Y\N, the water is perfect!" Jose encouraged her too.

"Oh well I don't that I could..." She didn't manage to complete her proposal as Panchito came out of the water, walking towards her with a huge devious grin. She tried to run, but he was faster and grabbed her by the waist and put on his back like a sack of potatoes and started to walking back to the others while chuckling playfully.

"Let me go Panchito!" She yelled loundly, trying to get off of his strong arms, waving frantically her legs in the air. Jose and Donald could only watch as Panchito threw poor Y\N into the water. José smiled as Y\N came up sputtering.

"You're gonna pay for this!" She yelled to him, hearing the chuckles from him and the other boys.


Hours went by and the sun fell lower and lower, reflecting its brightness to the water, creating a beautiful sunset.

"Would you like some ice cream toots?" Donald asked, holding a pistachio ice cream cone in front of her face.

"Yeah, thank you!" She took it to her hand and began to eat it with joy.

"No problem" He chuckled and sat next to her. The both were watching the waves of the sea popping gently on the sand. After 20 minutes Panchito and Jose came to join them. Suddenly Y\N felt something soft and warm aroung her shoulders. She looked up to her shoulder and saw Panchito who has sat right behind her. He covered a simple yet warm woolen blanket on her, before wrapped his arms around her waist.

"I thought you was cold" He said indifferently, looking up to the dark sky full of shining stars.

"What a beautiful night eh?" Jose asked. With his gaze fixed on her, smiling sweetly.

"Yeah, indeed it is...." She smiled back.

She didn't want the tomorrow to come. and return in her boring world where she'll be lonely again. All she wanted was this day to last forever.
Human three caballeros x reader (Part 7)
Title: A day at the beach
Fandom: Three Caballeros.
Characters: (Y\N)/Panchito Pistoles/Jose Carioca/Doanld Duck.
Disclaimer: The Three Caballeros is copyright Disney and I only use them for my enjoyment and not for profit.
The Preview image is not mine.
Part 7: You are here.
Part 8:…
Read and enjoy
Y\N is a 16 years girl from France. Who losed her parents by a car accident. Her old, rich uncle takes her to London to live with him to his mansion. She agree, but she's sad to leave her friends back. What can be waiting at the new beginning of her new life? A new home, new friends and maybe something more unreal and magic. Maybe the true love or three....Romance, drama, adventures and more. Read and enhoy. Also you can give me ideas and play RP(Roll game) with me, so i'll be able to make the next chapters better to my deviantart


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Hi my name is faioula.I love the animals and the music.I hope you enjoy my fan-action stories! I love you all.



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