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The plot: Y\N is a 16 years girl from France. Who losed her parents by a car accident. Her old, rich uncle takes her to London to live with him to his mansion. She agree, but she's sad to leave her friends back. What can be waiting at the new beginning of her new life? A new home, new friends and maybe something more unreal and magic. Maybe the true love or three....Romance, drama, adventures and more. Read and enhoy~!

Our story begins on a warm summer's day, when the sun was bright and full and the sky was a beautiful blue. It was the perfect day for a trip on an airplane. But for (Y\N) it wasn't just a pleasant trip. It was  of her life.
The day she lost her parents was a cold, rainy night. Her mom and dad had to go out with the car and then...She lost everything.
After the death of her parents she didn't had other relatives in life, except her uncle Bernard Desmond. known as the most famous businessman in London. He offered to take her to live with him in London. She agreed but she was so sad to leave all of her friends back. But she will always remember her father's words "Do not afraid of life, every day is a new beginning and each new beginning leads to a new adventure" And now it's a new day that will lead her to a new home, new school, probably new friends or maybe  to something more... Unrealistically.

From France to London, she was forced to deal the person sitting next to her who kept turning on the blower making it unbearably cold. When they finally did land, (Y\N) was waiting the people to get out of the plane. Thankfully she managed to get out into airport. And as she stepped out of the gate, she saw a face that was not only familiar but very welcome. "Uncle Bernard!"
She called, waving her arm in an attempt to catch her uncle's attention. When he finally saw her, He grinned from ear to ear. "(Y\N)!" he cried back. Before she could do or say anything, he pulled her in a tight hug.

"I missed you so much my niece...!"

"Me too uncle Bernard" She hugged him back in tears, remebering her sadly past.
Suddenly he grabbed her hand and she forgot all about her sadness.

"Come on niece! We don't want to spend all day in an airport" he said.

"Hey wait-" But (Y\N)'s words fell on deaf ears as suddenly she was being pulled along through the crowd. It took her a moment but she finally managed to get her footing and was walking beside her uncle rather than being dragged.

Upon arriving to the mansion, (Y\N) became hesitant to speak. She felt a little embarrassment, in a completely unknown environment and far from home, it's not irrational to feel like this.

"Well, I have some work to be fit. Your room is upstairs, third door right hand" Uncle said, starting to walk away. But he stopped to tell you something last. "You are free to move wherever you want in the mansion, except to the basement"

"But why I cannot go to the-" Before she could complete the proposal her uncle has gone.

After she organized the clothes and things to her room, she decided to explore her new home. Those rich people and all these silly things they buy only for themselves, to fool their ignorance and to fill the emotional vacuum, it's makes her...sick and boring. She had searched all floors except the last one. She knew that it is prohibited to go to the basement, but (Y\N) was an odd girl after all. Who always was looking for something different and interesting. She descended many stairs and eventually arrived in a big dark brown door, she opened it slowly and instead of seeing an ordinary basement, then she finds herself in a modern scientific laboratory. All in the room was very shiny and strange, the only normal in this laboratory was a simple yet beautiful wooden wardrobe.

"(Y\N) niece, where are you!?" Uncle Bernard called out.

"Oh my god! Unle surerly will kill me if he see me here..." It was not in vain, there is no place to hide except...

Quickly she made her way into the wardrobe and closed the both of doors behind her in the process. She didn't won't her uncle to find her, but she hadn't any choice. She knew that this would mean a great punishment and more troubles, but she just didn't know the surprises will find or... meet.

(i will write the next part soon soon)
Title: Τhe secret laboratory and magical wardrobe
Fandom: Three Caballeros.

Characters: (Y\N)/Uncle Bernard.
Disclaimer: The Three Caballeros is copyright Disney and I only use them for my enjoyment and not for profit.
The Preview image is not mine.
Part 1: You're here
Part 2:…
Read and enjoy.
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Sunken-nautilus Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now you got my attention...waiting for more.
Johnny12575 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pretty good

Keep going ;)
SarahGoodwillSlimey Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
A few mistakes, but i'll keep reading. 
guardianarchangel Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I love this~
Thank you for writing a human three caballeros reader insert story
theSly797 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016
Nice story. Wonder what happens next
LoveOfDisney Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016
Oooh i love this! Please write more for this story. What will Y/N find?
LonerGir6891 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016
I have an idea. What if the main character's parents had often told her stories about magic portals to other worlds and about some people entering them and having adventures in these other worlds, those people being her parents. But as Y/N gets older and dealing with people telling her they weren't real, she kinda starts to think they were nothing but fairytales. That's the best I got.
ZiddersRoofurry Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's brilliant. I bet it would sell like hotcakes. 
LonerGir6891 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017
Aww thanks.
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